20 Words My 20-Month-Old LOVES to Say

It seems like our son’s speech is just growing by leaps every day! He’s got a lot of new words that he’s added to his vocabulary in the last few months, but there are 20 that seem to be his favorites that he uses multiple times a day! Here’s a quick look (as well as the funny way he pronounces them) into his 20 favorite words…

  • Pasta


    Our son asks for “saussa” which means pasta pretty much every time we ask him what he wants to eat.

  • Smoothie


    I’ve been making breakfast smoothies every day and our son has become OBSESSED with them. I had to get him his own mini smoothie bottle so he could have his own each day.

  • HI


    When we are at the store he says this to every single person we encounter. And usually he’ll say it every few seconds till they acknowledge him. It’s hilarious, and slightly embarrassing. At least he’s polite.

  • Bye Bye

    Bye Bye

    And when we walk away he waves and says bye bye!

  • Computer


    Okay, so maybe we should take the hint that we might be at our computers too much since this is one of his most commonly used words.

  • Nose


    He LOVES to point out people’s noses while simultaneously poking them in it.

  • Eye


    His newest obsession is pointing out the eyes on every person, animal, toy, and cartoon we come across.

  • Car


    He loves them. The actual automobile, and the Disney movie.

  • Outside


    Our little nature baby loves to be outside and asks to go out and play all the time.

  • More


    One of his first words and still one of his favorites. He uses it in place of the word, “again” as well. We’re working on differentiating the two.

  • Teeth


    He LOVES to brush his teeth and asks to do it every time we are in his room near his changing table.

  • Elbow


    I’m not sure why he loves pointing out people’s elbows so much but I’m not going to stop him because hearing him say “belbow” is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

  • Hair


    Said over and over while he pulls it out and straight up into the air. Ouch.

  • Ear


    We are working on learning the names of all the parts of the face and head. Ear took a while (because he confused it with hair) but now that he’s got it he likes to show off his verbal skills.

  • Horsie


    A newly acquired word, he uses it anytime he climbs on a toy that rocks back and forth like his rocking horse. Also… when his dad lets him ride around on his back.

  • Light


    He has loved lights and things that twinkle since he was a tiny infant and he loves to use our remote to turn our lights off and on.

  • Eisley


    We were surprised how early and how well he mastered the name of our dog.

  • Bottle


    It took us a while but we finally got him to distinguish whether he wants a bottle or a cup. Which doesn’t sound like a big deal but around here it means the difference between a smile and a temper tantrum.

  • All Done

    All Done

    An oldie but a goodie! It’s the cutest thing ever because he still does the sign for it while he says it.

  • Please


    We’re all about manners around here. He picked up “please” and “thank you” pretty quickly, but he uses “please” more because he’s figured out that it’s a surefire way to get whatever he’s asking for.


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