20 Father’s Day Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

Most likely, you’re looking for Father’s Day ideas right about now! At our house, we like to celebrate fun holidays like this with experiences, instead of things. I usually surprise my husband with a day filled with some of his favorite things. One year, we went golfing and I made him his favorite thing to eat. Last year, I surprised him with a little road trip where we hiked through a state park and ate lunch at a sausage factory. These kinds of celebrations are some of our favorite memories! Click through for 20 Father’s Day ideas the whole family can participate in.

  • Get Creative!

    Get Creative!

    From barbecuing and boating to hiking and biking, here are some fun, MEMORABLE ways to celebrate DAD!

  • Start your day off right!

    Start your day off right!

    Celebrate dad by cooking him a yummy, homemade breakfast!

  • Get outdoors!

    Get outdoors!

    Spend part of Father’s Day by going on a family hike!

  • Let him play rough!

    Let him play rough!

    Dads love to wrestle with their kiddos. Move the furniture and let them have a ball!

  • Tis' the season!

    Tis' the season!

    Surprise dad with tickets to a baseball game!

  • Eat outside!

    Eat outside!

    Father’s Day is the perfect day for a picnic in the park!

  • Visit the hardware store!

    Visit the hardware store!

    Has dad been wanting to start a certain project? Take him to the hardware store to get started!

  • Make a video!

    Surprise dad with a homemade video on Father’s Day!

    Here's one I made a few years ago!

  • Get on a boat!

    Get on a boat!

    If your man loves to be on the water, go for a boat ride!

  • Take a load off!

    Take a load off!

    Let dad relax while you and the kids do some of his normal chores. Mow the lawn, pick up sticks, take out the trash, etc.

  • Enjoy a ride!

    Enjoy a ride!

    Pack up the bikes and go for a ride!

  • Enjoy some BBQ!

    Enjoy some BBQ!

    Celebrate dad by eating some yummy BBQ! Whether you do it yourself or go to your favorite BBQ joint, dad will love it!

  • Surprise him!

    Surprise him!

    Surprise dad with something special! Go to the waterpark, have fun at the batting cages, do something out of the ordinary to celebrate!

  • Turn it up!

    Turn it up!

    Does dad love to rock out? Have a family jam session!

  • Gone fishing!

    Gone fishing!

    Spend your day at the lake, fishing with the family!

  • Enjoy some meat!

    Enjoy some meat!

    Does your man love meat? Celebrate with a meat tour! Go to a local sausage factory, his favorite burger joint, a meat market, etc.

  • Family golfing!

    Family golfing!

    Does dad love to golf? Surprise him with a Father’s Day tee time!

  • Make his favorite meal!

    Make his favorite meal!

    Does he love your pot roast? A good BLT? That amazing pasta dish? Celebrate him by making his favorite food!

  • Enjoy a mini road trip!

    Enjoy a mini road trip!

    Spend the day on the road! Drive to a fun place to celebrate Father’s Day!

  • Mow the Lawn

    Mow the Lawn

    Do his least favorite chore! Let him wake up to a freshly mowed lawn!

  • Tell him!

    Tell him!

    Most importantly, tell him why he’s a great dad! Words mean more than anything!!!

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