20 Ways to Beat the Polar Vortex

I feel like my girls and I have been snowed in for months. This Polar Vortex is making me crazy. We haven’t been able to get out of the house to do much of anything this winter. From deep snow to brutal freezing temperatures, my girlies and I have had to stay inside. Despite our serious case of cabin fever, we have managed to do a pretty good job of getting creative each day so that we don’t lose our minds. In fact, I sort of feel like a snow day activities expert! Here are 20 ways to beat the cold and enjoy your days (or weeks) indoors…

  1. Bring some snow inside – I did this earlier in the week. Just scoop a bunch of snow into a plastic container or bowl and let your little ones explore with gadgets from your kitchen!
  2. Take a fun bath – Use some bubbles, food coloring, and shaving cream to create a bath time play session!
  3. Make cookies – Baking is a staple during the cold winter months. Have your little one help make some cookies. I’m sure they’ll enjoy eating them, too!
  4. Build a fort – Get out all of your blankets and sheets and build a fort in your living room…
  5. Have a dance party – Put on your favorite playlist and go crazy!
  6. Put on a play – Let your little ones use your closet to find great costumes and props so they can put on a funny play!
  7. Have an indoor picnic – Spread a blanket down on the floor and enjoy lunch while you pretend it’s summertime.
  8. Get lost in a book – Cozy up in bed or on the couch and read all of your little one’s favorite books…
  9. Do an art projectArt projects are a perfect way to get creative and pass the time!
  10. Put on a fashion show – Little ones love to do this! Whether they model all of their clothes or put on old Halloween costumes, this can be a fun way to spend an afternoon.
  11. Have a movie night – Pop some popcorn and settle down for a family movie night!
  12. Play hide & seek – My girls just learned how to play this for the first time a few weeks ago and now, it’s one of their favorite games!
  13. Make snow ice cream – Get some clean snow and make a yummy treat! Here’s a great recipe…
  14. Bust out the play dough – Let your little ones spend a morning smashing and rolling and cutting shapes with play dough.
  15. Feed the birds – Give the birds a little love and leave them some bird seed or stale bread to eat!
  16. Enjoy some sensory play – Get creative and learn to use all of your senses… This sensory slime is a perfect activity for a snowy day!
  17. Have a photo shoot – Go crazy and pretend you’re in a funny photo booth. Use costumes and props to make the photos even funnier!
  18. Play with puzzles – Little ones love puzzles! They are a perfect activity for a snowy afternoon…
  19. Make snow art – Cut paper snowflakes or make snowmen out of cotton balls!
  20. Play in the snow – If it’s not too cold, make sure to bundle up your little ones and let them play in the snow. Go for a sled ride or build a snowman in your front yard!
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