20 Watermelon Recipes to Try This Summer

Ever since I was a little girl, watermelon was always one of my favorite treats. I remember sitting on my grandma’s patio many summer afternoons filling my cheeks and covering my shirts with the sweet juice-filled treat. During my pregnancy with Lola, it was one of the few things I could stomach during the earlier part, and later it became one of the few things that I found to be a source of refreshment. Each week, my husband would go to the store buy watermelon and cut it up into small bite sized pieces. I would eat it on the way to work, at work, and even during the middle of the night. Knowing how easy it was on my queasy stomach, I imagine many of the watermelon recipes I am featuring here today would have done the same – provided me with a refreshing treat that could carry me through the summer.

Now that Lola is older it has become evident that she loves watermelon too. We’ve already enjoyed it several times this season and look forward to eating more of it. Even so, I plan to try something new with what has become a seasonal staple. Take a look at 20 delicious watermelon recipes for you and your family to try this summer.


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