20 Unique Baby Names That Can Work for Boys or Girls

There is something so captivating to me about a name that can be used for a boy or a girl. The most unique baby names seem to be those that can be used for either gender. When we were naming our son, this was sort of a theme for me. I wanted a unique, yet classic-sounding name.

So I have put together a list of names that are captivatingly classy and unique, but also can be used for either gender. This list is sure to be a favorite for the parents out there that are waiting to find out what their bundle of joy will be!

  • Alba


    This is a name that I have never heard used as a first name. It has a feminine feel to it but I could definitely see a boy rocking this name!

  • Bay


    Of course I am partial to this name. I named my son Baylor because I knew I wanted his nickname to be ‘Bay.’ This name is short and sweet and absolutely perfect to me!

  • Carrington


    A strong name that could be shortened into a nick name for your boy or girl.

  • Channing


    I know of one particular hunky actor that most minds will think of when hearing this name but I love the idea of using this name for a girl also!

  • Corin


    Corin also has a feminine form known as Corinna. I think Corin works well for either gender.

  • Emory


    If you are looking for a name that means “brave” this is the name for you!

  • Harlow


    The popularity of this name has been dwindling the past few years. I think this name should make a comeback! I love it so much.

  • Holland


    If you love names that are inspired by places you will love this one. I never thought of Holland as a name but now I’m totally digging it!

  • Jules


    I wish this name would have been on my list when I was searching for baby names. This is one of my personal favorites!

  • Oakley


    I love the woodland type feel to this name. Perfect for the down to earth family looking to name their newest addition!

  • Phoenix


    A name that has a meaning of “rebirth” would be the perfect choice if you are looking for a name to represent a new beginning.

  • Quinn


    I probably would have named Baylor this had my husband allowed it. Such a cute name for either gender.

  • Raine


    A name fit for Royalty!

  • Rivers


    The choice between River or Rivers was tough but I think adding an ‘s’ is an unexpected twist that makes this name unique.

  • Sage


    Sage is of Latin origin and means “wise and healthy.”

  • Storm


    A powerful name for perfect for a baby that can move mountains!

  • Tatum


    This name has a masculine feel but I have heard it used as a girl name and it was so fitting!

  • Valen


    Valen is of Latin origin and means “strong.”

  • West


    When I saw this name by itself I thought to myself, “Maybe Kim K. was onto something.” I completely fell in love with this name as a first name.

  • Wynn


    Perfect if you want to give your baby a “Wynning” name. ;)

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