20 Things Our Babies Probably Want to Tell Us

Lately, my little girl has become our adorable family parrot—repeating everything we say. It’s pretty funny. Sometimes I can hear her words clearly, but sometimes I have no clue what she is trying to communicate. I take a guess and usually she tells me NO!, letting me know that my guess was way off. Well, at least I tried.

Until recently, all Jada did was laugh and cry, so all I knew was if she was happy or upset. I had no clue what led to her emotions—just that they were there. But with my vivid imagination, I have often taken the liberty of figuring out what my children are saying long before they have the vocabulary to say it. It helps me respond to them more effectively (and honestly, it keeps me laughing).

I’m sure most have you have often wondered, “What is my baby trying to tell me?” Well, here are a few things I think our babies want to tell us all the time but just can’t—yet.

  1. How many times do I have to tell you I don’t like broccoli?
  2. Laying here in this poop is so not cool.  I can’t believe you don’t smell that.
  3. Hold up—you are actually thinking about more kids? I need to think about this.
  4. Man, this milk is good. What’s in this stuff?
  5. Why is that little device always in your hand? Is it food?
  6. Can you tell me where we are going before we leave? I may not want to go.
  7. If you let this dude in the white coat give me a shot one more time…
  8. Yes, I am hungry again.  Don’t judge me.
  9. Are you sure this older kid likes me? He keeps giving me funny looks.
  10. Use your words, not funny sounds. I can’t say much, but I understand you.
  11. I love when we snuggle. It’s my favorite thing.
  12. You rock!
  13. What’s up with the family pet invading my personal space?
  14. I need to figure out how to climb these stairs on my own.
  15. Can you come in here a little bit more quickly when I call.
  16. I’m actually not upset, but I know you won’t come if you just hear giggling.
  17. My day goes a lot better when you smile more.
  18. I’m sorry you are so tired but that gas was a killer last night.
  19. That looks weird. You eat it first.
  20. I hope you plan on sticking around because you are pretty awesome. 

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