20 Things My Baby Loves at 20 Months


As much as I love summer and want to savor every minute of it with my kids, I can’t help but feel like fall is around the corner. I’m not complaining, because I actually love fall. It’s my favorite season. But this year, I am honestly hoping that fall takes its sweet time to arrive, and it’s not because I love fall any less than I once did; it’s because Jada’s birthday is in the fall and she will be two. I am not ready for her to be two.

Jada just turned 20 months old and I am experiencing all kinds of emotions. I’m excited because she has had a wonderful 20 months, but I’m also sad because she is turning into a little girl and slowly leaving her baby life behind.

At 20 months Jada is still my tiny little baby, and her personality shines so brightly. She expresses her likes and dislikes with such ease, and has a long list of things that she loves. To see so many things bring her joy is really one of the most magical aspects of motherhood.

Here’s what my little munchkin loves at 20 months.

  1. Running in the grass.
  2. Feeding snacks to our pet cat, Pepper.
  3. Eating anything frozen.
  4. Watching Doc McStuffins.
  5. Her favorite Minnie Mouse Doll.
  6. Chasing her older brother.
  7. Getting in the pool.
  8. Saying “wuv you” to all of us.
  9. Smoothies.
  10. Watermelon.
  11. A long car drive.
  12. Coloring.
  13. Being chased… by anyone in our house.
  14. Waffles.
  15. Getting her feet kissed.
  16. Trying to brush her teeth on her own.
  17. A cool bath.
  18. Dancing.
  19. Milk with a hint of chocolate.
  20. Ice water on a really hot day. 
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