20 Things I Love About My 20-Month Old

As I turn the corner on the fourth month of pregnancy, it’s starting to dawn on me:

My “baby” is not really a baby anymore. 

My youngest child is my son, who is about to hit 20 months and in this past month, my husband and I have both noticed incredible changes in him. His vocabulary has exploded, he is showing his own little personality, and he is asserting his independence in totally new ways. 

I love his age and innocence right now and because I know things are going to get busy and my pregnancy brain is kicking memory loss into high-gear, I want to try to preserve every last memory I can of the wonderful things about the age of 20-month-olds.

My son and I

20 Things I Love About My 20-Month-Old Son

1. His kisses. No turning away from mama just yet; my little man loves to give out kisses to me and his sisters. Every night we all squeal in delight as he lays on some slobbery goodnight kisses.

2. His love for me. The other day, I was sitting on the floor, putting on a pair of shoes (don’t ask) when my son suddenly seemed to realize that I was precisely at his level. Delight filled his face as he toddled over and enveloped me in his biggest bear hug. Insert mama heart swoon here.

3. The serious way he eats. In a foreshadowing of the teen years to come, I can’t help but smile at the serious way my son treats his food. Nothing comes between him and his food. (And on second thought, maybe he takes after me more than I thought…)

4. His first pair of work boots. I love seeing how much my son idolizes my husband; he follows him around everywhere and loves to help him “fix” things. And there’s nothing he loves more than imitating his dad by donning is own pair of work boots.

5. How he loves reading. Although his reading sessions often involve tearing a page or two, my little man still loves to have us read to him and now, he’s started to get more animated, making story time so much more fun.

6. His love of the farm. Nothing makes my son happier than spending time on the family farm with his grandpa; my son loves tractors more than I love coffee. It’s so great to see him turning into his own person with his own interests.


7. His affinity for blankets. Every morning, every nap time, and every bedtime, my son insists on piling all of his favorite blankets around him. Usually, in the morning, I can hardly pick him up out of his crib, so surrounded by blankets is he.

8. How he insists on sitting in my lap. Even though room on my lap is progressively becoming more limited, he insists on sitting on my lap every chance he can get.

9. His enthusiasm. From asking if he wants to put his coat on to bath time, every suggestion never fails to be met by an excited “Weeee!” from my son. His enthusiasm for every day occurrences never fails to make me smile.

10. His little feet. Confession: I have a thing for baby feet. I love their chubby softness, their cute little toes, the way they softly plod the floor. But pretty soon those little feet that I love will take a turn into sweaty little stinky man feet. So for now, I’m enjoying those still chubby cute tootsies.

11. His new words. Every day seems to bring a new word for my little guy. I love seeing his vocabulary expand as he takes on the world, one new word at a time.

12. The fact that I can still rock him to sleep. As you can see in the picture, my son is not a small boy. And I know that the time that he can comfortably fit in my arms as I rock him to sleep is limited.

13. How he plays with his sisters. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my children playing together. And it’s so sweet to watch my older girls always welcome my son into their play time.

14. His little boy wardrobe. Spring is on the horizon and I’m so looking forward to stocking up on some boy essentials to help keep my man stylish.

15. His excitement to show off. Although he can’t say, “Look at me, Mom!” just yet, he can definitely garner my attention with a few carefully placed jumps and squeaks. I love watching him show off going down the slide or “coloring”.

16. His pride with helping me. Hand that boy a few spoons to set out on the table for dinner and watch his chest puff up with pride–it’s the cutest thing ever.

17. The way he lines up his tractors. It’s not something I ever remember my daughters doing, but my son loves taking all of his toys and tractors and lining them. I love seeing his own way of playing.

18. His energy. Yes, it’s a bit different than life with girls, but from grocery shopping to trips to the library, I don’t have to worry about a dull moment with him around.

19. His sweet tooth. Like his mama, my toddler has a vicious sweet tooth. There’s just something so fun about being able to split a sweet desert with him. (When he lets me.)

20. Standing cheek to cheek. As the picture above shows, my son simply loves being close to me at this age–one of his favorite things to do is climb in my lap and just sit, cheek-to-cheek. So, so sweet.

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