20 Disney Baby Names That Are Becoming More Popular in 2017

Recently, BabyCenter released their list of the most popular baby names so far for 2017, and it’s so fun to see so many Disney-related names pop up on it.

Here are 20 I spotted from the top 300 names – have you used any of them this year for a new little one?

1. Sofia –  My little girls are obsessed with Sofia the First and I love her cheerful attitude and hardworking personality. Clearly, I’m not the only one, with her name showing up at #19 (and an alternative spelling, Sophia, placing at #5!).

2. Ella – This name has been steadily gaining in popularity, currently coming in at #11. It is Cinderella’s real name, before her stepmother and stepsisters added the “Cinder” part.

3. Bella – This one is at #44 and it’s obviously similar to Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

4. Aurora – Sleeping Beauty is one of the original Disney princesses with long-term popularity, so it’s no surprise her beautiful name comes in at #50.

5. Ana – This spunky freckle-faced princess is very popular in our house and her name is currently #138 (Ana more closely fits the pronunciation, while the spelling – Anna – is currently at #58).

6. Jacob – Besides having a name that’s currently #12, I think that Jake and the Never Land Pirates has the number one catchiest theme song of all time.

7. Oliver – This cuddly little kitten from Oliver & Company is one of the very top names at #5.

8. Sebastian – Do you think this bossy little crab would have ever guessed his name would be up at #14?

9. Ryder – I think that Flynn Rider is my #1 Disney character, even if his name is currently #105.


10. Jasmine – Sadly, using this name doesn’t mean you get a tiger to go along with it. Her name, tiger-free, is at #129.

11. ArielThe Little Mermaid made us all want to be redheads (and I got lucky enough to get one as a daughter, even if I don’t have it myself). This pretty name is sitting at #142.

12. Isabella – I love Izzy from Jake and the Never Land Pirates and her name is one of the top girl names this year at #4!

13. Andrew – Who didn’t love Andy from Toy Story and watching him go from little boy to a young man on the brink of adulthood? His name is sitting at #44.

14. Molly – Did you know that Molly (at #181) is the name of Andy’s little sister in Toy Story?

15. Michael – When you think of this name and Disney characters, do you think Michael from Peter Pan or Michael from Mary Poppins? Either way, this name is holding strong at #18.

16. Peter – Peter Pan never grows up and his name never goes out of style, sitting at #225.

17. Mary  – I can’t say this name without thinking of Bert’s voice saying, “MAAARY POPPINS.” This classic name is at #202.

18. Jane – I love feisty little Jane from Mary Poppins and her name is #282. Also, I really want some of that magic medicine she gets to take.

19. Alice – This name conjures up all sorts of adventurous and magical experiences for me, plus the most perfect blond hair imaginable. Her wonderland name is currently #63.

20. Violet – Violet Parr from The Incredibles is a force to be reckoned with, at #54!

For more of the most popular baby names of 2017 (so far), see BabyCenter’s full list.

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