20 Lovely Latino Baby Names

Happy Cinco de Mayo! To celebrate the occasion, here is a selection of the most popular Latino baby names for boys and girls, according to BabyCenter Español. Whether you’re celebrating Latino heritage in your family or looking for a unique baby name, here are twenty lovely Latino baby names for your own little niño and niña on the way!



  • Alejandra
    This female variant of Alejandro, this is the Spanish variant of Alexandra and means “protector.”
  • Carmen
    Names that begin with a hard C are caliente right now, one of the baby name trends I predicted for 2014. Carmen means “song” in Latin.
  • Catalina
    Another girl’s name beginning with an on-trend hard C, this Latina name has Greek origins meaning “pure.” You may be more familiar with its more commonly known version, Catherine.
  • Delfina
    A new addition to BabyCenter Español’s list this year, Delfina is a girl’s name with Greek origins meaning “From Delphi.”
  • Emilia
    Despite sounding like the Germanic girl’s name Amelia, Emilia actually has Roman roots meaning “to excel.”
  • Isabella
    This was the #2 Latina baby name for girls in 2013 and the #3 baby name for all girls in the United States overall in 2012. A Romantic language derivation of the Hebrew name Elisheva, Isabella means “God’s promise.”
  • Julieta
    This beautiful Spanish variant of the Latin-origin Juliet is such a lovely, feminine name meaning “Jove’s child.”
  • Maia
    Basically the “mother” of all baby names for girls, this Latina baby name means “great mother.”
  • Sofia
    According to BabyCenter Español, this was the #1 Latina baby name for girls in 2013. A variant spelling, Sophia, was the #1 baby name for all girls in the United States in 2013, according to the Social Security Administration. Sofia is a lovely name meaning “wise” or “knowledgeable.”
  • Valentina
    This #3 most popular Latina baby name for girls in 2013 was a little less popular in the general population: it ranked #165 for baby girls in 2012. Valentina is a name with Roman roots meaning “strong.”

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  • Álvaro
    This newcomer to BabyCenter Español’s list is a strong Spanish name meaning “He who speaks truth.”
  • Carlos
    A Spanish name meaning “free man,” Carlos is a variant of the baby boy name Charles.
  • Dante
    Most commonly associated with the Italian poet, Dante as a Latino baby name is charming, romantic, and alluring. The name Dante means “enduring.”
  • Francisco
    While you may be tempted to think of the Californian city, Francisco is a great Latino baby name for boys!
  • Guillermo
    This Spanish variant of the French Guillaume and more commonly known English William means “protection.”
  • Javier
    This lovely Spanish variant of Xavier means “bright.”
  • Luis
    A Spanish variant of the name Louis, it means “famous warrior.”
  • Matthew
    This was the #2 Latino baby name for boys in 2013 and the 12th most popular baby names for all boys in the United States in 2012.
  • Matias
    This variant of Matthew meaning “gift from God” was the third most popular baby boy name for Latino boys in 2013.
  • Santiago
    This #1 Latino baby name for boys according to BabyCenter Español is Spanish for “Saint James.”

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