20 Fun Photos from Elvie’s 20th Month

Elvie turned 20 months old on vacation, which is the best time to do it, in my opinion. She has learned and grown so much during her 20th month, and it was evident as we traveled. Her walk is more stable, and she knows more words. She is increasingly confident in her climbing skills, and she’s added more flourishes to her friend-making schtick (the coy shoulder shrug is my favorite). Elvie is just plain fun. Each month I keep thinking, “She’s more fun than ever!” and each month I’m pretty sure it’s true. I didn’t think life could get more fun, but it just keeps getting better. I love looking through photos of this past month, of Elvie getting taller and stronger and sassier and more hilarious. Here are 20 of my favorites.

  • Elvie is 20 Months Old

    Elvie is 20 Months Old

    And more fun than ever!

  • First Trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

    First Trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

    She loved standing up at the glass and watching the fish.

  • If the Boot Fits...

    If the Boot Fits...

    I told Elvie that she would have to wait a few years to fit into her big sister’s old boots, but she proved me wrong. They fit perfectly!

  • Practicing Napping on the Go

    Practicing Napping on the Go

    There was a lot to get done before we left on our big trip, so Elvie got a lot of practice napping in the stroller while we ran errands. This skill was handy when we were doing a ton of fun stuff on vacation and didn’t have time to go back to where we were staying for naptime.

  • Goofy Girl

    Goofy Girl

    Her funny face making skills are coming along quite nicely.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Quality Control

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Quality Control

    We had a little lemonade stand on a sunny afternoon and sold cookies as well. Elvie was happy to help check and make sure they were delicious.

  • Walking Through Covent Garden

    Walking Through Covent Garden

    Jet lagged or not, Elvie was excited to try out her walking skills in a new place.

  • Jet Lag Makes You Tired

    Jet Lag Makes You Tired

    Lying down in the middle of the park path is probably not the best place for a nap, but Elvie was tired enough to give it a try. She perked up when she saw a friendly pigeon hopping over.

  • What She Lacks in Skill, She Makes Up for With Enthusiasm

    What She Lacks in Skill, She Makes Up for With Enthusiasm

    When she’s happy and feeling affectionate, she’ll hug whatever part of our bodies she can reach. I might not be able to see when she hugs me sometimes, but I sure feel loved.

  • Our Happy, Friendly Girl

    Our Happy, Friendly Girl

    She makes every day brighter, everywhere she goes.

  • Chocolate Ice Cream is a Hit!

    Chocolate Ice Cream is a Hit!

    Elvie learned to love our favorite ice cream shop in Nice. We go every night we are in Nice, as a family tradition, and we were thrilled to have Elvie join in. Our first night there, she had chocolate, and she just couldn’t get enough of it.

  • Posing for the Photo

    Posing for the Photo

    She knows what the camera does, and she likes to see photos of herself in different poses, with different faces. This leads to some brilliant shots and some that are, um, interesting. I love this one.

  • A Chat by the Sea

    A Chat by the Sea

    This is one of my favorite photos from our trip, of Elvie and Jarod enjoying talking to one another as they sat on the beach one evening.

  • Breakfast on the Balcony

    Breakfast on the Balcony

    Is there anything better than a leisurely breakfast outdoors, while still wearing pajamas? I think not.

  • Dancing in the Streets

    Dancing in the Streets

    If she hears music, she dances, and music is everywhere.

  • Beach Baby

    Beach Baby

    Elvie wasn’t at all interested in getting in the water, but she sure looked cute on the shore.

  • Sassy Little Lady

    Sassy Little Lady

    Her sass and spunk are unmatched by anyone I know.

  • Oooh, a Fountain!

    Oooh, a Fountain!

    She was so excited to discover that this fountain had water in it, and that she could reach it if she wanted to.

  • Sneaking Around

    Sneaking Around

    She wants to help do dishes, too, but she knows she’s not allowed to climb up on the chair with her big sister. Still, she’s got to try. Maybe no one will notice her slowly crawling over and up onto the chair.

  • Those Are Not Her Sunglasses

    Those Are Not Her Sunglasses

    If they were hers, she wouldn’t be interested in wearing them. But if she can slip them out of my bag or grab them off my face, she’s all for it. She looks pretty good in them, so I can’t complain.

  • Being 20 Months Old is Exhausting

    Being 20 Months Old is Exhausting

    She’s going to catch a little shut-eye so she can make her 21st month just as fun as her 20th.

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