20 French Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Whether you’re dreaming of a French vacation or have fond memories of spending your time over in France, we all know that there are so many beautiful baby names inspired by the country. If you’re looking for an originally French name, or a French spin on another type of name, we’ve got a great list for you.


1. Amalie – This is the French variation of the name, Emily.

2. Amabelle – We know how much love your little one will get when they arrive, so this name that means “lovable” is a great choice.

3. Angeline – The French variation of Angela that can be translated to “angel.”

4. Belle – Because we’re Disney fans and love the movie Beauty and the Beast (set in France), Belle is an obvious choice. The name is short for Isabelle and means “beauty.”

5. Collette – This French name for Nicole sounds very proper and sophisticated.

6. Delphine – This sweet name means “dolphin.”

7. Esmé – This name has been very popular lately due to the book “Twilight.” It means “esteemed or beloved.”

8. Georgette – A name with a classic feel, this is the feminine variation of George.

9. Roselle – If you love roses and want a nature-inspired French baby name, this is a great choice.


10. Sylvie – Meaning “from the forest,” this is a name for those that love the outdoors.


1. Bastien – A variation of the name “Sebastian,” meaning the person from ancient city of Sebastia. This name is very strong and masculine.

2. Breton – This is a term used for the people from northern France, Brittany. And, it’s a take on the name Bret!

3. Chapin – Meaning “clergyman,” this sounds a lot like a last name, but makes a great first name.

4. Duvall – This name means “of the valley” and has a very classic and strong ring to it.

5. Forest – If you’re one that loves the outdoors, this is a great name choice. Its French meaning is “woodsman or woods.”

6. Gaston – Another Beauty and the Beast favorite, this French name means “the guest.”

7. Laurent – A very strong and masculine French name that is a variation of Lawrence.

8. Luc – If you’re a Star Wars fan and want a more French version of Luke Skywalker, then here you go!

9.Parnell – This name means “little Peter,” and it’s another name that sounds more like a last name but is still a strong choice for a first name.

10. Thayer – This French name is a great choice for the classic name, Taylor, that means “tailor.”

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