20 Celtic Baby Names

Did you know that the once dominating baby name “Aiden” (and all the Braydens and Jaydens than followed) has Celtic roots? Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a list of some truly gorgeous and unique Celtic baby names!

In Ireland, babies are often named after relatives but Celtic baby names aren’t just limited to Irish inspired names. Currently, there are six Celtic “nations” or territories where Celtic language and traditions have been culturally preserved spanning the western-most shores of Ireland, up through Scotland and Wales, to the Isle of Man and Cornwall on the coast of England to as far east as the Bretagne (Brittany) region of France. The large swath of regions considered to be part of Celtic heritage make for a wide diversity of spellings and variations on baby names as a result, and all of them beautiful.

If you have a wee lass or laddie on the way, get inspired with 20 of my favorite Celtic baby names for boys and girls!


  • ALLYN – Irish name meaning “handsome.” Variations include: Allen, Allan, Alan.
  • BOWEN – Welsh family name meaning “son of Owen.” Variations include: Bowyn.
  • DOUGLAS – Scottish name meaning “dark river.” Variations include: Doughlas.
  • EWYN – Welsh name meaning “youth.” Variations include: Ewan.
  • FINN – Irish name meaning “blond or fair-haired.” Variations include: Finian, Finnin, Finlay, Fionn, Fionan.
  • GAVIN – Scottish or Welsh name meaning both “hawk” and “battle.” Variations include: Gavan, Gaven, Gavyn.
  • KEIRAN – Irish name meaning “dark one.” Variations include: Ciaran.
  • MALCOLM – Scottish name meaning “servant of St. Columba” and one of the four ancient kings of Scotland. Variations include: Malcom.
  • RORY – Irish name meaning “red king.” Variations include: Rorry, Rorey, Ruairi, Ruari, Ruairidh, Ruaridh.
  • YANNICK – Breton name meaning “little John.” Variations include: Yann, Yannik, Yanic, Annick.


  • AOIFE – Irish name meaning “beautiful, radiant” and is a name of ancient historical significance in Ireland. Pronounced: EE-FAH. Variations include: Eva, Ava.
  • BRIENNE – Irish name meaning “strong.” Variations include: Briann, Briannon, Briannah.
  • CLAIRE – Irish name meaning “clear.” Variations include: Clair, Clara, Claira.
  • DEIRDRE – Irish name meaning “sorrowful one” and the name of the most beautiful woman in all of Ireland, according to Irish folklore.
  • EILY – Irish name meaning “bright light” or “shining one.” Variations include: Eileen, Eilene, Aileen, Ailene.
  • MAEVE – Irish name meaning “mythical queen” with deep roots in Irish folklore; Maeve was the Queen of the Faeries. Pronounced: MAYV. Variations include: Medb, Mab, Madb, Maebh.
  • OONA – Irish name meaning “lamb” and associated with mythical folklore. Variations include: Oonaugh, Una.
  • RHIANNA – Welsh name meaning “queen” or sometimes even “goddess.” Variations include: Rhiann, Rhiannon, Rianna, Rionna.
  • SIOBHAN – Irish name meaning “God is gracious.” Pronounced: SHIV-ON. Variations include: Shevaun, Shavon, Chevonne, Joan.
  • WINIFRED – Welsh name meaning “a peaceful friend.” Variations include: Winnifred, Wynnefred, Winnie, Wynne, Wynnie.
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