20 Baby Names Inspired by Pop Stars of the ’80s

Do you miss the ’80s? I sure do. Yeah, I was just a kid, but it was a magical time. Fashion was funky fresh (do people still say that?), and the music was incredible. Even as a child I was able to appreciate what the pop stars of the ’80s did with their talent.

When I sit in the car with my little ones and the radio station starts playing the best hits from the 80s, my head starts bobbing and the kids join in. Sure, they have no clue why “girls just wanna have fun,” but that’s okay. As long as they are having fun listening to it, I’m one happy mom.

So whether you were a teenager, a young child, or maybe not even born yet, here’s to every mom who appreciates the coolness that the 80s had to offer. I hope you find a name on this list that suits your new baby and makes you feel nostalgic in the best possible way.

Girl Names

Cyndi (Lauper)

Diana (Ross)

Janet (Jackson)

Kim (Wilde)

Olivia (Newton-John)

Paula (Abdul)

Sade (Adu)

Sheena (Easton)

Tina (Turner)

Whitney (Houston)

Boy Names

Axl (Rose)

Bobby (Brown)

Bruce (Springsteen)

Bryan (Adams)

David (Bowie)

Elton (John)

George (Michael)

Lionel (Richie)

Jon (Bon Jovi)

Stevie (Wonder


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