20 Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Halloween is just a few weeks away! Whether you are passing out candy or taking your little one trick-or-treating, consider alternatives to Halloween candy. We all know that little ones do not need a bunch of sugar! (Okay, one or two pieces won’t hurt!) If you are passing out treats at your door, you might think about passing out something other than mini candy bars or candy corns. If your little one is going door-to-door, consider buying some treats for him that you can swap out so he isn’t eating so much candy. I’ve put together a list of 20 things that are just as tasty or fun as a sugary treat…

  • Halloween Candy Alternatives

    Halloween Candy Alternatives

    Because we all know little ones do NOT need extra sugar!

  • Clementines


    How about a tiny little orange instead?

  • Crackers


    A small package of natural or organic crackers will be sure to put a smile on your little one’s face!

  • Granola Bars

    Granola Bars

    If your little one can handle eating these, this is a great alternative to candy!

  • Apples


    Plus, they are in season!

  • Honey Sticks

    Honey Sticks

    A natural sweet treat! **Do NOT give honey to infants under one year of age!**

  • Raisins


    Kiddos love getting a tiny box of raisins!

  • Trail Mix

    Trail Mix

    A fun treat you can buy or make!

  • Play Dough

    Play Dough

    You can find mini containers of play dough, perfect for passing out!

  • Animal Figurines

    Animal Figurines

    Find these at your local craft, party, and dollar stores!

  • Glow Sticks

    Glow Sticks

    Oh goodness, your little one will have a blast with one of these!

  • Bubbles


    Mini bottles of bubbles make the perfect treat!

  • Spider Rings

    Spider Rings

    These spooky accessories can be found everywhere this time of year!

  • Halloween Pencils

    Halloween Pencils

    A fun treat to add to their art collection!

  • Stickers


    Who doesn’t LOVE stickers?!

  • Crayons


    Crayons are always a hit!

  • Noise Makers

    Noise Makers

    They might drive you crazy, but your little one will have a blast!

  • Hair Accessories

    Hair Accessories

    Little gals can always use these!

  • Toothbrushes


    Your dentist will love you for this one!

  • Crazy Straws

    Crazy Straws

    My girls LOVE drinking out of fun straws!

  • Bouncy Balls

    Bouncy Balls

    As long as your little one won’t put this in her mouth, this will be a fun treat!

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