1st Bike Ride: Where Magical Moments Turn into a Sweet Story with the Disney Story App

This post is sponsored by Disney Story. To find out more about this brand-new story-creation app – and how it puts the power of storytelling in your hands – click here.

Last week they finally came. The balance bikes that I spent hours researching and mulling over which to choose and finally ordering, they finally arrived! Oh glorious day. What first began as a bit of a long-wait in shipping turned into a perfect collision of time and circumstance. You see, I’m a lover of my iPhone. iPhone ‘appery’ as it were – is probably one of my favoured vices. Photography, photo-editing and movie-making apps to be precise.


So, when Disney launched their new Story App last week, you can bet I’ve been tapping, swiping and captioning my way into sweet Story-making oblivion. This app is for the mamas who have thousands of pictures and videos (like me), on their phone. From memories of the every-day to that of which boast spectacular, milestone-esque appeal. Basically, these would-be-stories no longer have to be trapped in our phone. They can collide together with a few simple taps (merging pictures and photos!) into beautiful little digital story-books to share with family and friends. To treasure ourselves, long-after we’ve dealt ourselves a healthy dose of regret over not documenting and preserving our children’s childhood memories enough.

For me, it was a spectacularly warm and sunny spring day, when my two little ones would take their brand new shiny bikes out for a spin that I tried it out Story App for the first time. I played around with themes and layouts. The nerd in me rejoiced in it’s savvy simplicity. It brought me more than a small amount of joy to create this little ‘Story’, especially since the process was so ridiculously easy to make, and share. (With one tap, you can email your Stories, or share them on Facebook.) I think you’ll love it more than a little bit too. (Guaranteed happy grand-parents most especially!)

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