19 Things My 19-Month-Old Loves

It’s been fun to watch Lola’s interests change over time. To see the things that capture her attention for a few moments and the things that seem to fascinate her garnering her attention time and time again.

At 19 months there are a few things (beyond bananas and blueberries) that my little Lola doesn’t just like but loves:


1. Princess Sophia – She’s still a fan of the Doc
2. Walking on the couch
3. Jumping in the bed – We are trying to teach her not to do these things
for safety reasons but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t try!
4. Trying to put on her socks
5. Waving
6. Stickers – Perfect for dressing up noses or chubby baby hands
7. Feeding herself
8. Waking up in the middle of the night to snuggle
9. Yogurt
10. Making art
11. Running from mom and dad in the house
12. Walking on her tip toes
13. Rubbing lotion into her hands
14. Rocking her dolls in her arms
15. Worship time and music at church
16. The theme song to Ella the Elephant
17. Boycotting naptime on the weekend
18. Taking everything out of my wallet – This little one loves Chapstick and debit/credit cards!
19. Taking bites of food – Lola no longer likes when we cut her banana, chicken or any of her foods. She wants to hold it and take a bite. Of course we exercise caution when it comes to this but in her mind she’s a “big girl” now.

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