19 Sensory & Montessori Inspired Fall Crafts & Activities

The past couple of weekends we’ve been on a joyful binge of autumnal family outings and fall themed activities. This has definitely translated into the sort of planned activities we’ve been doing around the house with our little ones.

Which, truth be told — isn’t a constant. While I adore setting up art and craft activities for my tots, I’m also a fan of letting them play freely. I don’t believe children need to be entertained 24/7 (although they can definitely seem to need it at times!) or engaged in learning activities constantly. I like to plan a few special activities a week, usually surrounded around a theme. The season we’re in, a holiday that’s approaching, or something random and fun (think beach crafts in the dead of winter). It’s especially important that the activities we choose can bridge the 20 month age-gap between my littles…for the most part. I also like to let them have activities that they can do on their own, specifically geared towards their stage of development and personal interests.

My planning has become especially organized since my eldest started kindergarten last month. The hour and a half or so in between after-school and dinner-time has proven to be the a great time to do some of these sensory and Montessori-inspired fall themed activities and art/craft projects…

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