19 Maternity Pieces You Can DIY

If you are currently or ever have been pregnant, you know what a nightmare it can be to get dressed. Maternity clothing is expensive, it doesn’t always fit correctly, and you know you’ll only be wearing it for a finite period of time, so it’s not exactly investment clothing.

But most of us don’t have a lot of other options — it’s not like you can just choose to opt out of maternity clothing (unless you are one of those very lucky few who can make your regular clothing work the entire pregnancy with only the help of a rubber band).

Fortunately, the Internet is bursting with ideas for ways to make your own maternity clothing, whether out of pieces you already own or something in a larger size snatched up at the thrift store and altered to fit your pregnant belly.

Here are 19 fantastic pieces you can make yourself, ranging from jeans to dresses, skirts to shorts:

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