19 Fabulous Photos from Elvie’s 19th Month

I’ll use two words to describe Elvie’s 19th month: FABULOUS FUN. We’ve been getting out a ton, and she’s been making friends and belly laughing and making faces and just being all around adorable and hilarious. Even when she gets grumpy, she is still fun. She is also working on her walking skills, and can walk up across a small room, looking terribly proud of herself the whole time. We are incredibly proud of our funny, determined little girl, and the amount of photos we take of her proves it. Here are 19 of my favorites from this fabulously fun month. Enjoy!

  • What a fabulous month!

    What a fabulous month!

    Full of fabulous moments!

  • Waiting (mostly) patiently

    Waiting (mostly) patiently

    We had to go to court to have the State of California formally recognize Elvie’s adoption and issue a birth certificate. She waited patiently in the hallway for our turn, excited to be able to crawl and sit wherever she pleased in the long, shiny hall.

  • A successful well baby visit

    A successful well baby visit

    Elvie is growing beautifully, and her development is right on target aside from walking, which we anticipated would take longer due to her birth defect. Considering her beginnings, we couldn’t be prouder of our clever girl.

  • Behaving like she owns the playground

    Behaving like she owns the playground

    She is so much more mobile now, with much better balance, that she can enjoy the playground so much more. She is convinced that she’ll be able to climb into this net hammock soon, and I believe it, too.

  • Happy in the morning, always

    Happy in the morning, always

    She might be the only morning person in our family, and she completely makes up for the lack of morning enthusiasm from the rest of us. She wakes up clapping and calling out, “Hi! Hi! Hi!”

  • Still her big sister's biggest fan

    Still her big sister's biggest fan

    And now she can follow her big sis everywhere so much more easily, enthusiastically attempting to do everything Zinashi can do.

  • Dress up, a new favorite activity

    Dress up, a new favorite activity

    She wants as many accessories on as possible, including costume pieces. When Zinashi took these butterfly wings off to participate in ballet class, Elvie didn’t waste time making them her own. She also chose her own necklaces and headband for the day.

  • There's nothing quite as fun as a box!

    There's nothing quite as fun as a box!

    Especially if your mom has just told you to get out so she can use it for the purpose she brought it into the room for in the first place.

  • Stroller rides are exhausting.

    Stroller rides are exhausting.

    Five minutes into the stroll, and she was headed for Napville. It’s just so comfortable, and the movement is so soothing…

  • Keeping it goofy

    Keeping it goofy

    Even when she’s not trying to make funny faces, she makes funny faces. And if someone laughs? All the better.

  • Enjoying a favorite treat on a beautiful day

    Enjoying a favorite treat on a beautiful day

    Eating a lemon blueberry scone outdoors on a San Francisco day that doesn’t require a jacket? Yes, please!

  • Little Mama

    Little Mama

    She is sweet and affectionate with her babies, or in this case, with my baby. She has claimed the baby doll I played with as a toddler as her own.

  • Out for a walk

    Out for a walk

    Sometimes she prefers to hold a hand so she can go further without taking a break, and her big sister is happy to help.

  • Posing for a photo by her big sister

    Posing for a photo by her big sister

    We’ve started letting Zinashi take photos with an old iPhone, and she’s taken some amazing photos of Elvie. This is my favorite one.

  • My messy eater

    My messy eater

    If she’s not messy at the end of a meal, it means that she didn’t like it. Toast with chocolate hazelnut butter was a hit; the eggs were just so-so. If she’d liked the eggs, they would be in her hair at this point in the meal.

  • She wants the mask on, no off, no on, no...

    She wants the mask on, no off, no on, no...

    She loves the idea of a mask, but isn’t quite sure if she likes the way it feels. The same goes for sunglasses.

  • Happy to take selfies

    Happy to take selfies

    There were about twenty selfies in this series, some silly, some sweet. I like this sweet one.

  • Uh-oh, something's not right.

    Uh-oh, something's not right.

    I’m not sure what I was doing, but I obviously wasn’t pleasing Elvie. When she gets mad, she doesn’t usually fuss to start with; she’ll just let me know with her eyebrows that she is displeased.

  • So sweet, so stubborn

    So sweet, so stubborn

    She brought this bow to me, and then she wouldn’t let me do anything else until I put it in her hair. She just kept poking me with it, then pointing to her head. So far, the words, “Wait, please,” have little effect on her sense of urgency.

  • Do you hear it?

    Do you hear it?

    Ear phones are like magic to Elvie. How does the sound get in there? She doesn’t know, but she likes it.

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