17 Baby Mishaps That Always Have Me Running Late!

I’ll admit it: I’m notoriously late, and always have been.

Some days are better than others, and I can be counted on for work events and when I’m needed, but it’s always a bit of a struggle. And with each additional child I’ve added to my brood, you can only imagine what that’s done to my punctuality.

Read on for 17 reasons why a baby will often have you running late!

  • Late Again?!

    Late Again?!

    Some days I promise it's not my fault... honest! Often, I'll arrive at a lunch date 15 minutes late and completely out of breath -- but when I remind my friends that I have a baby, usually all is forgiven. Click through to see if you can identify with any of these baby mishaps.

  • Diaper Malfunction

    Diaper Malfunction

    Let's start with a common one in our house: the good old diaper malfunction. Some mornings, the little man just wakes up with such a FULL diaper, that it can barely be contained. So while we may have to rush out the door for some reason or another, we can't do it before a much-needed bath!

  • Baby Needs A Change of Clothes!

    Baby Needs A Change of Clothes!

    Sometimes those diaper malfunctions (or very large spit-ups) occur right after you’ve gotten baby dressed in nice clean clothes, and you’re ready to head out the door. Not so fast says baby! I’ve been delayed many times because of a last minute costume change!

  • Great - Now I Need To Change My Clothes!

    Great - Now I Need To Change My Clothes!

    Some days both of you need to change your clothes because of unforeseen baby accidents. Have you ever noticed that you can walk around all day with a burp cloth on your shoulder “just in case”, and the second you take it off, that’s when baby decides to spit up? Murphy’s law I tell you!

  • Forgot To Pack A Change Of Clothes

    Forgot To Pack A Change Of Clothes

    99% of the time I’m prepared with at least two changes of clothes just in case, but it’s always the one time I forget to replenish the diaper bag, that I desperately need that change of clothes. I know this because I’ve been there, done that. So several times in the last year I’ve had to turn the car around and run back in the house to get that change of clothes.

  • Forgot the Favorite - Fill In the Blank

    Forgot the Favorite - Fill In the Blank

    Hayden is sure attached to his blankie, and it’s the quickest way to get him calm or get him to nap, so I’ve risked being late a few times, to turn back around and get the beloved blankie. For your child, it could be a pacifier, toy, or whatever other item they’re attached to.

  • I Had To Pump

    I Had To Pump

    I was late to quite a few things in the past year because before I could leave baby with dad, grandma or the sitter, I had to pump. It just had to be done and it was the one thing I never loved doing, but knew was worth being late for.

  • Baby Wouldn't Take the Bottle

    Baby Wouldn't Take the Bottle

    While this only happened a couple of times, I did have to postpone and/or show up tardy to something because I had to nurse before leaving because the baby refused to take all the wonderful breast milk I had just pumped. Again, not always fun, but well worth it!

  • Baby Won't Settle For the Sitter

    Baby Won't Settle For the Sitter

    Quite a few times, especially when Hayden was going through a rough separation anxiety patch, he just wouldn’t settle down for our sitter. I always had such a hard time walking out the door while he was screaming and felt bad for him and the sitter. So a few times in the past year I stayed and helped him settle down for his nap or bed time, and left after he was asleep. Being 15 minutes late was easier for everyone involved, rather than knowing he cried for an hour after I left. Thankfully he now happily waves goodbye to me as I walk out the door.

  • Had To Install the Carseat

    Had To Install the Carseat

    Carseat installation is one of those rare occurrences, but it can really throw a wrench into plans and cause a person to be more than just a few minutes late. If you’re a parent you know how difficult they can be to install and when you only have 1 seat and 2 cars, the need to shuffle seats is bound to happen. Of course this isn’t baby’s fault, rather just the result of having a baby.

  • My Baby Broke - Fill In the Blank

    My Baby Broke - Fill In the Blank

    A few weeks ago, Hayden, otherwise known as baby grabby hands, somehow managed to knock a glass down off our bar area counters while I was holding him, and it came crashing down on the ground. I couldn’t very well leave the mess for when I returned, so I took a few minutes to clean it up. Lesson learned, never leave breakables within baby grabby hands reach again. Has your baby ever broken anything?

  • My Baby Spilled - Fill In the Blank

    My Baby Spilled - Fill In the Blank

    If you want to know what a mess really looks like, accidentally put a bowl of cereal within baby grabby hand’s reach. I’m sure it won’t be the last time Hayden will spill something, and it won’t be the last mess of his I clean up.

  • Clean Out the Car To Fit the Stroller

    Clean Out the Car To Fit the Stroller

    Some days I let stuff pile up in my car. Returns to stores, purchases, donations, you name it, stuff just somehow accumulates in a car, especially a mom’s car. If you happen to be going somewhere with baby though, you’re going to need a stroller, and a space to put said stroller. So some days I’m late because I’m cleaning out my car so I can fit the baby necessities. Again, not necessarily the baby’s fault, just the result of having a baby.

  • Clean Out the Car Because It's Stinky

    Clean Out the Car Because It's Stinky

    And some days you have to clean out the car because it’s stinky, because the baby’s sippy cup full of milk leaked all over the seat and you didn’t realize it until the next day, after the car had sat all closed up in 90 degree weather. Late or not, clean up has to be done.

  • Forgot Snacks Or Ran Out of Snacks

    Forgot Snacks Or Ran Out of Snacks

    While I’m usually pretty well prepared and attune to the grocery list, every now and then something will slip by me and and I’ll forget to buy snacks, or I’ll just forget to pack some in the diaper bag. If you have an older baby or toddler, you know how crucial snacks can be to a successful outing. You must turn around for the snacks, or stop at the store to pick some up.

  • Stroller Trouble

    Stroller Trouble

    Luckily I finally have a trusty “umbrella” stroller that closes up in a snap. But I’ve had more than several technical difficulties with several different brands of strollers, which caused me to be late on several occasions. I’m sticking with the umbrella stroller from here on out though.

  • No Clean Swaddling Blankets

    No Clean Swaddling Blankets

    While I may be forgetful and absent minded when it comes to certain things, I somehow always managed to know just how many clean or dirty cloth diapers, burp cloths and swaddling blankets we had on hand. A couple of times I realized we were out of fresh swaddling blankets, and knowing how crucial they were to a good nap or night time sleep, I dropped everything to wash a load before I walked out the door, so I could have clean ones waiting for us when we got home.

  • Baby Was Napping

    Baby Was Napping

    The final way baby has made me late is by taking too long of a nap. Mommas dream of long naps, and baby’s always seem to take the best and longest naps, when we actually have somewhere to be! Have you ever noticed that? And because I can never bring myself to wake a sleeping baby, I’ll usually just reside myself to being late. I do remind myself though that an extra long nap usually results in a happy baby, which will make wherever we’re going, a more pleasurable experience.

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