17 Facts About My 17-Month-Old

Sometimes I miss having a teeny, tiny baby, but then I remember how cool my 17-month-old is. Seriously you guys…toddlers are the best! They are always learning something new and saying new words and trying new things. It’s like every single day is an adventure and I love it. If you aren’t to the toddler stage yet, you have a treat in store…it’s not all tantrums and strong-wills I promise! Here are 17 things my little one is into these days…

  • 17 Facts About My 17-Month-Old

    17 Facts About My 17-Month-Old

    Having a 17-month old is pretty great and they are incredibly entertaining! Here are 17 fun things my 17-month-old is into these days…

  • Animal obsessed

    Animal obsessed

    Fern loves all animals and would love nothing more than to spend all of her days snuggling every animal that crossed her path. This is “Pehn-eeeee” (AKA Penny) our friend’s cat and she was over-the-moon smitten as you can see.

  • Loves buttons/buckles/zippers

    Loves buttons/buckles/zippers

    Anything with a button, buckle, zipper, Velcro fastener, tape, or basically any other type of “attacher” you can think of, this girl loves them all. This lends itself to a love affair with overalls.

  • Loves to face time

    Loves to face time

    …but only with her “Papa” (Grandpa). Everyone else gets the cold shoulder.

  • Balloons


    Fern loves “boons” and gets all sorts of excited when one is in sight.

  • Flowers


    This little lady has always loved flowers, but lately I can hardly pull her away from them. She’s usually pretty good about not picking them and loves to squat down and smell them though. She’s also taken to letting her stuffed animals smell them too, which is pretty adorable.

  • She loves a ride

    She loves a ride

    Fern loves any type of ride-on or ride-in activity. She loves this wagon and she also is quite fond of her rocking horse. Her dream day would include being pulled around for hours in this wagon.

  • She loves sleepovers

    She loves sleepovers

    It’s lucky for us that we have two sets of wonderful grandparents that live nearby. This means we get breaks pretty often and Fern loves having sleepovers at her grandparents houses!

  • Grown-up clothes

    Grown-up clothes

    Fern loves grown-up clothes and is often bringing me shirts or scarves of mine to put on her.

  • Bonding with Daddy

    Bonding with Daddy

    Up until very recently, Fern has far preferred me to my husband. Of course she would get excited to see him, but I was always the fallback. Lately though, she seems to be taking to him a lot more. The other day we jokingly asked her who she liked better, “mama or dada?” and she responding with “dada” quite emphatically. It makes me happy that she’s starting to bond more with her Daddy.

  • Little daredevil

    Little daredevil

    This girl has no fear…at all. She wants to be right where the big kids are and she doesn’t give potentially intimidating activities like the “big kid slides” a moment’s hesitation. She is so brave, but sometimes she makes me so nervous!

  • Apple


    Somehow she figured out that there was an apple on the back of our phones and now she loves to grab the phones and point to it while repeating “app-uh, app-uh” (apple) over and over. It always gives us a good laugh.

  • Lives in her suit

    Lives in her suit

    We play in the water on most days during the summer, but on the days that we don’t…she still brings me her swimsuit to put on her. I think she’d live in her swimsuit if I’d let her.

  • Phone chats

    Phone chats

    She thinks the remote control is a phone and will walk around with it up to her ear saying “hiiiii!”, which is so funny because neither my husband or myself hardly ever talk on our phones.

  • "All done!"

    Fern’s current favorite phrase? “Ahhhhh dunnnnnn!” while signing it as well. The only problem is that she also says “all done” when she wants more. A bit confusing to be sure.

  • Tidying up

    Tidying up

    Now that Fern is becoming a big girl, she prefers to clean her face on her own and will grab her own wipe to wipe her mouth while eating. So tidy!

  • Friend time

    Friend time

    Nowadays Fern gets super excited about her favorite friends. Sometimes when we have a play date planned and I ask her if she wants to go play with a particular friend, she’ll perk up and run to the front door to let me know that she’s ready to leave right now!

  • Mickey fan

    Mickey fan

    We don’t watch much TV, but I have let her watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a few times and she LOVES it! She sat still for the entire 25 minute episode the first time she saw it earlier this month and now she has taken to trying to sing the “hot dog” song and will walk around saying “hot doh, hot doh!”. Definitely a Mickey fan.

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