16 Unique Baby Girl Name Mashups

Can’t decide on just one name for your little princess? Choose two sweet baby girl names and blend them into one precious moniker! Here are some cute examples.

Brendalyn – This combination of Brenda and Lyn (both highly popular in the 1960s) is fresh and charming for now.

Graciella – This blend of Gracie and Ella has Scottish origins. Ella (currently #11 in popularity) can also be successfully matched as Aubriella and Ellarosa.

Celestina – A combination of Celeste (which means “heavenly”) and Christina, this name evokes celestial thoughts of the stars.

Annalisa – A Scandinavian twist of Anna and Lisa, this name means Oath of God.

Lilamae – This mix of Lila and Mae peaked in 1926. I think it has a classic old-fashioned quality that’s currently popular.


Avaleigh – Ava (currently #3 in popularity) is harmoniously paired with Leigh, often relegated to middle name status. Consider joining Leigh with other names to create Everleigh or Brynleigh.

Joyannah – This uplifting mix of Joy and Hannah is creative and sweet.

Miabella – Combine the popular Mia (#6) with Bella and “my beauty” rolls sweetly off the tongue.

Elsabette – This play on the name Elizabeth combines Elsa and Bette for a name that’s romantic and charming.

Emilina – Emily (“eager”) remains high in popularity. Blend it with a less popular choice like Lina, which means “tender”. Consider Emilynn as well.

Tamwren – Combine Tamara (which means “unique”) with the hipster Wren, for a truly creative name.

Rankings from “Most Popular Baby Names of 2017,” BabyCenter.

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