16 Everyday Moments that Make My 16-Month-Old Giggle

If you asked me ten years ago what the best sound in the world was, I am not sure what my answer would have been. If you ask me today the answer is easy; the sound of my kids giggling. Nothing beats it. I could be having the craziest day, I hear my little ones giggle (sometimes uncontrollably) and all is well with the world.

What’s incredible about the giggles is how they are often brought on by the day-to-day things that adults don’t find too funny. But kids, being the rays of light that they are, see the best in everything. They take a simple moment and turn it into an opportunity to laugh until they just can’t laugh anymore. I love it. It helps me maintain my sense of humor and keeps me grounded and focused on the goodness in life. There is very little we can control, so why not make the best of things and have a good laugh, right?

Here are pictures of 16 random moments that make my 16-month-old girl (and sometimes her brother) giggle her little heart out. What everyday moments make your little ones giggle?


  • Fun in a Box

    Fun in a Box

    Nothing beats having fun in a box. Priceless.

  • Happy Feet

    Happy Feet

    This keeps me laughing as much as the kids. Jada loves to take one sock off and run around the house while she’s giggling.

  • A Princess in a Castle

    A Princess in a Castle

    Do you see those butterfly pants? That’s Jada having a blast in the castle she shares with her brother. He’s in there, too, trying to rescue her.

  • Cheddar Bunnies

    Cheddar Bunnies

    Nothing makes Jada happier than discovering a new food. These bunnies were a hit the first time she had them, so now she giggles whenever she sees the box.

  • Cool Shades

    Cool Shades

    A girl after my own heart, you give her a new accessory and she gives you smiles and giggles.

  • On Top of the World

    On Top of the World

    If daddy wants a good laugh out of his little girl all he has to do is throw her on his shoulders. I don’t blame her. It looks like fun to me.

  • Escaping my Brother

    Escaping my Brother

    Although big brother looks confused, Jada can’t stop laughing because she just took a toy spoon away from him.

  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game

    Take Me Out to the Ball Game

    Jada’s is having some serious fun with her brother’s baseball helmet. She thinks it’s hilarious.

  • Castle Down

    Castle Down

    Do you see that little hand? It’s Jada getting ready for the big knock down. My son builds castles, and Jada knocks them down. Luckily, he gets a kick out of the knock down (most of the time).

  • Messy Hands

    Messy Hands

    I don;t think anything is funnier to Jada than making a mess while eating. Can’t you tell?

  • My Funny Bird Brother

    My Funny Bird Brother

    After making this bird costume with my son, Jada had a blast laughing at him while he flew around the house. I have to admit, it was pretty funny.

  • New Sheets

    New Sheets

    Whenever Jada gets a new set of sheets, she always starts to laugh when you put her in bed. I think anything new and bright makes her laugh.

  • No Socks

    No Socks

    Since Jada likes to take off her socks, she decides to go for her brother’s foot. She’s a sneaky one.

  • Selfie with Mommy

    Selfie with Mommy

    My phone makes her laugh, so whenever I pull it out I am guaranteed to get the perfect selfie.

  • Snack with Hat

    Snack with Hat

    Hat on, tea cup in one hand, and a snack in the other. Now what’s not funny about that?

  • Ready to Read

    Ready to Read

    Just like her brother, Jada gets giggly over bedtime stories. I just love it!

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