15 Things I Miss About the Baby Days

I have so many friends with tiny, little newborn babies right now. It seems like everyone is popping out new babies. And in true mama fashion it has made me a bit nostalgic for my own little’s baby days. Now that she is nearing 22 months of age, Fern is undoubtedly a toddler…there is no denying. I couldn’t wait to get to the toddler stage, and while I do love it and it is my favorite so far, I have to admit that I get a bit sappy over the tiny baby memories sometimes. There are just certain things that come with those early baby days that are so sweet. Here are a few that I miss terribly.

  • 15 Things I Miss About the Baby Days

    15 Things I Miss About the Baby Days

    Toddlers are great, but sometimes I miss some of the things about those baby days…

  • 1. That new baby smell

    1. That new baby smell

    There is nothing on the planet that compares to the smell of a new baby and that is a fact. I can still remember the sweet smell of new baby Fern so clearly and I miss it terribly.

  • 2. Falling in love

    2. Falling in love

    Those early days/weeks/months of getting to know your new baby and falling head over feet in love is absolutely magical. I still remember it well and how completely smitten I was. I still adore her, but it’s not that same fresh, new love as the baby days. Still just as wonderful though.

  • 3. Having nowhere to go

    3. Having nowhere to go

    As difficult as the newborn days were for me, I did love the fact that I had no obligations other than to be home getting to know my little one. No one expected much of me and I was free to just lounge the day away on the couch with my Fern.

  • 4. Little baby grip

    4. Little baby grip

    That little early baby grip reflex is pretty much the sweetest. And those hands! So tiny!

  • 5. Bath time was a breeze

    5. Bath time was a breeze

    Bath time was all business and there were no tantrums at the end. I also rarely got splashed.

  • 6. The lack of mobility

    6. The lack of mobility

    Now that I have a toddler who is into everything and running circles around our house, I kind of miss those days of being able to safely lay her on her play mat while I went to the bathroom in peace.

  • 7. The ability to accessorize

    7. The ability to accessorize

    I still attempt to accessorize Fern these days, but she is definitely much more resistant. The baby days are great for cute headbands because they can’t pull them off of their heads.

  • 8. Getting a smile

    8. Getting a smile

    During the baby days one of the biggest thrills in my day was if I had been able to make Fern smile and it always made me feel so gleefully proud.

  • 9. Baby stretches

    9. Baby stretches

    Baby stretches are just so darn cute. They are so exaggerated and adorable!

  • 10. Cozy couch time

    10. Cozy couch time

    During the baby days, especially when you are nursing, you have the perfect excuse to snuggle up on the couch all cozy with your baby. And as a bonus, they don’t try to wriggle out of your arms like toddlers do!

  • 11. The midnight hang outs

    11. The midnight hang outs

    I know this is going to sounds crazy, but a small part of me actually misses those middle of the night nursing sessions. I remember thinking I would never survive when I was going through it, but now that we don’t have them anymore, I kind of miss those sweet bonding times with just me and my girl.

  • 12. Baby expressions

    12. Baby expressions

    Babies are so expressive and I love that their expressions are so real and raw – practically involuntary. It’s so fun seeing their faces develop personality. That said, toddler expressions are pretty fantastic too.

  • 13. Naps on-the-go

    13. Naps on-the-go

    Fern used to nap anywhere…on my lap, in the car, at a restaurant…now she will only nap in her bed and nowhere else. Sometimes I kind of miss the flexibility of those naps on-the-go.

  • 14. Little baby feet

    14. Little baby feet

    The other day I found a tiny baby sock and I just about died over the smallness of it. So tiny! Afterward I looked at my girl’s feet and could hardly believe they ever fit in those!

  • 15. Baby laughs

    15. Baby laughs

    Nothing is quite so sweetly satisfying as earning a baby laugh. Fern’s first laughs were deep, growly, belly laughs that were so different from what her laugh sounds like now. It was the sweetest.

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