15 Reasons Why I Love My Husband the Most When He’s Being a Father

My husband’s birthday is today, and Father’s Day is just around the corner, so I figure it’s no better time to celebrate my man, and all the ways I love him, than right now.  I married my husband 14 years ago, and I knew he was the man for me based off his gentle nature, strong work ethic and incredible sense of humor.  But I love him now more than ever, because his personality and qualities shine through most, not that he is a father.  Whether he’s playing with the kids, teaching them something, or even disciplining them, he shows time and time again how incredible of a person he is during these moments of fatherhood.  Here’s the 20 reasons why and how I love him the most when he’s being a dad.

  • Reason #1 - He Loves Being A Father

    Reason #1 - He Loves Being A Father

    It sounds so basic it’s almost silly, but I love that my husband yearned to be a dad, and wasn’t afraid or embarrassed to show it, long before we even had kids. Becoming a father to 1, then 2, and now 3 children has made him the happiest he has ever been, and pushes him to keep working harder and being the best father and husband he can be. He loves our family and has a true passion and yearning to do what he can to make us happy and show his love for us.

  • Reason #2 - He Loves To Be Affectionate

    Reason #2 - He Loves To Be Affectionate

    He never hides his feelings and doesn’t shy away from public displays of affection. In fact he loves hugs and kisses, and steals them from the kids on a regular basis. I love that he is a strong role model for our children, but also shows endless love towards them with outward displays of affection.

  • Reason #3 - He Always Takes His Time With The Kids

    Reason #3 - He Always Takes His Time With The Kids

    As a small business owner, he has a ton of pressure on him everyday, and a tremendous amount of stress to shoulder. But every morning, he takes his time getting out of the house to get to the office. While he may work late many days, he craves mornings with us and takes the kids to school almost every day, then stays around a little while to spend alone time with Hayden, after the kids have gone to school. I love this part of our morning and look forward to it everyday.

  • Reason #4 - He Sets His Priorities Around Our Family

    Reason #4 - He Sets His Priorities Around Our Family

    It may not always be easy, but he always makes us his #1 priority and does his best to show us how important his family is by showing up and being present for the important stuff. He usually makes it to all the well-check doctor’s visits, and our pediatrician laughs at us each time we come in for a visit, because we make it a “family affair”.

  • Reason #5 - He Loves Teaching Moments

    Reason #5 - He Loves Teaching Moments

    My husband is a talker, and especially loves to talk to the kids when he can teach them something new. Whether it’s his vast knowledge of airplanes and cars, to his enthusiasm for sports or Star Wars, to his love of animals, he is always looking for the teaching moments, and takes every opportunity to take advantage of them.

  • Reason #6 - He's Teaching The Kids To Love & Respect Animals

    Reason #6 - He's Teaching The Kids To Love & Respect Animals

    While love of animals comes natural for many children, they often times must be taught to care and respect them. He’s the primary caretaker of our animals, including our dog and 2 fish (and cat that passed away). He teaches the kids how to feed and bathe the dog and clean the fishes tanks. He is an excellent model of love and respect and kindness to animals, an important family value for us.

  • Reason #7 - He's Always Encouraging

    Reason #7 - He's Always Encouraging

    Earlier this year we took all the kids out, including the baby, into the snow and Hayden was miserable. I envisioned us all frolicking in the snow, and the baby being fascinated with this new environment, laughing and cooing as we all had a ball. Instead, he was miserable and screamed horribly and I was ready to give up. But he took the baby and calmly soothed him down and even got him smiling, letting us enjoy our time in the snow.

  • Reason #8 - He Never Says No To Adventure

    Reason #8 - He Never Says No To Adventure

    Even when he’s tired and he’d rather relax on the couch, he can never say no to the kids when they’re ready to play and/or experience something new. Here he is building snowmen while I stay warm and dry and observe from inside.

  • Reason #9 - He Encourages Silliness

    Reason #9 - He Encourages Silliness

    This is a great trait to have when your kid are babies and toddlers, but a very necessary trait to have once they start growing up. In many ways my husband is very young at heart still, and encourages the kids to be silly and have fun, and will continue to do so as they get older, by showing them that being silly is cool.

  • Reason #10 - He Takes One For The Team

    Reason #10 - He Takes One For The Team

    Whether the snow’s too cold or the pool’s too cold, he doesn’t mind and will always do those fun things I refuse to do! This may make him the fun parent, who will jump in and swim in the cold pool, but I’m okay with that.

  • Reason #11 - He's Just Cool!

    Reason #11 - He's Just Cool!

    Each Halloween he dresses up in a themed costume, along with the kids, and each year the kids just think he gets cooler and cooler. I can hardly disagree.

  • Reason #12 - He Shows Immense Patience

    Reason #12 - He Shows Immense Patience

    I think this is the one trait he possesses that I respect him the most for. When I lose my cool, he’s always there to help me reign it in and deal with the kids, whether they’re throwing a tantrum or the baby won’t go to sleep. He is for the most part, always mister calm cool and collected, and it’s such a wonderful trait to have in a partner and be as a father.

  • Reason #13 - He Gets Involved

    Reason #13 - He Gets Involved

    He loves to be involved and tries to do so whenever he can. He most recently took on coaching our son’s baseball team, and while it was a ridiculously huge time commitment, it meant the world to our son and forced him to be home early once a week to spend that important time with him.

  • Reason #14 - He Breaks The Rules Sometimes, And Forces Me To

    Reason #14 - He Breaks The Rules Sometimes, And Forces Me To

    As moms, I feel like a lot of the time we tend to be the rule makers, and dads come in and get to be the rule breakers. While at times it can be hard for dad to come home, and get the kids riled up before bed time, I know how important it is to sometimes break the rules and have fun. Without my fun loving, carefree husband, I don’t know if I would let loose with the rules as often as I should.

  • Reason #15 - He Makes Me Want To Be A Better Mother

    Reason #15 - He Makes Me Want To Be A Better Mother

    Through his love, patience, and fun loving spirit, my husband inspires me to be a better person and a better mother. He completes our family and enriches our kids lives more than I could ever imagine. I never thought I would love him more than the day I married him, but watching him be a father everyday, makes me love him more and more with each passing day.

  • Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day!

    To one of the coolest, funnest, smartest, silliest and most loving dads I know. Happy birthday and happy father’s day. Thank you for being a wonderful father and a supportive husband. We love you!!

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