15 Months, 15 Words

Judah is a talker. At 15 months old, he has close to 50 (!) words that he can say, from objects and people to animal sounds and other fun words. On top of that, he confidently understands over two dozen words and phrases and recognizes his favorite songs now! I’m so glad I created a Word Wall to help keep track of his language development – it’s become more than just a neat keepsake of baby’s first words: we’re using it as a learning tool on a daily basis.

We think that Judah has picked up so many words from the fact that both his Mom and Dad have the gift of gab, as well as his time at daycare two half-days a week, and all of the places we take him. In addition, we read to Judah almost every day, and I spend a lot of time singing and pointing out words and things to him all the time. It’s just a part of how I interact with him. Judah is surrounded by words and language, and he is clearly soaking it all up like a happy, babbling sponge!

Some words we hear just about every day from Judah: Click through to see Judah’s favorite 15 words at 15 months old!

  • Up!


    Since Judah’s not yet walking (and probably because he’s so focused on language skills right now), he still needs us to carry him around, so we hear “Up” a lot. He’ll also say it when he’s ready to get out of the carseat or high chair, too.

  • Eat!


    Judah can eat, let me tell you. And when he’s hungry? Oh, he’ll let you know! My favorite is when he reaches for food we’re eating and goes, “Eat! Eat!”

  • Bagel!


    Right now, just about any bread product is a “bagel” to Judah, but he says this word so much because it’s our secret weapon in the fight against teething pain. (Which, for the record, it feels like he never really stops teething right now.)

  • Ee-yi-ee-yi-oh!


    One of my favorites! Judah knows the song “Old MacDonald” and will insert an enthusiastic “Ee-yi-ee-yi-oh!” at the right time when we sing it.

  • Light!


    “Light” was actually Judah’s very first word besides Mama, Dada, and Baba. Now that he’s figured out how to turn the light switches on and off (“off” is another favorite word of his) he’s constantly signaling to us that he wants us to lift him up so he can play with the light switch.

  • Judah!


    This is probably his favorite word after “Baba” – he loves saying his own name! He’s also able to recognize himself in the mirror and in pictures of himself, too. It’s really neat to see all those gears clicking away in his brain :)

  • Balloon!


    Judah first learned this word at a birthday party of one of our friend’s children. It never fails – no matter where we go, if there’s a balloon somewhere, he will point it out and shout “Balloon!” until we see it, too.

  • Baba!


    “Baba” was Judah’s first official word besides Mama and Dada at sixth months old. When Judah wants his milk or juice, boy howdy will he let you know it by shouting “Baba!” over and over. We actually have to hide it while we get his meals ready or else he gets over-excited and impatient until we give it to him.

  • Mama!


    Variations include: Mom, Mommy. He will go on streaks for minutes on end just saying, “Mama. Mama. Mom. Mom. Mama. Mom.” even when he has my full attention.

  • Beep Beep!

    Beep Beep!

    EVERYTHING is beep beep right now. If a car honks two towns over, Judah will let you know. We also find it funny that sometimes when we ask him, “What does a cow say?” he’ll respond with “Beep beep!” because the word “cow” sounds similar to “car” to him.

  • Dada!


    Judah says “Dada” just about all day long when I’m home during the day, and is often one of the first things he says when he wakes up from his nap. It’s so sweet to hear him say it over and over.

  • Pop Pop!

    Pop Pop!

    After Larry’s parents visited us last week, Judah loved saying “Pop Pop” whenever he could.

  • Bubble!


    Judah does love his bubbles. If he sees any kind of brightly colored bottle, he automatically assumes they’re bubbles. It’s really kind of cute.

  • Nana!


    Judah loves his Nana and he loves to say her name when she visits or when we Skype with the grandparents.

  • Robot!


    It took me a day to figure out that “Boobot” was Judah’s word for “robot.” He kept pointing to a picture of a robot in his room and saying, “Boobot! Boobot!” until I finally figured it out.

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