15 Fun and Inspiring Pinterest Boards and People to Follow for Moms

I will admit it, I adore Pinterest. I am a visual person so I love having so much visual inspiration right at my fingertips. But I also use Pinterest as a resource for things I’m interested in like great toddler food ideas, party inspiration, style, organization, and toddler activity ideas. There is so much out there so I thought I’d pick some of my favorites to share with you. Hope you find some great inspiration for your summer!

  • 15 Fun and Inspiring People and Boards to Follow on Pinterest

    15 Fun and Inspiring People and Boards to Follow on Pinterest

    Click through to see my favorite boards and people to follow. Everything from funny, to inspiring, to fashionable, and crafty!

  • So Funny- My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler

    This is by far my favorite new board that I’ve discovered. It’s a satirical board and it is so extremely funny. If you’re ever felt like your kids always look like a hot mess then you’ll LOVE this board! Click the link below to check it out!

    My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler

  • So Inspiring- Modern Parents, Messy Kids

    This is one of my all time FAVORITE parenting inspiration to follow on Pinterest! Steph curates tons of boards full of quality ideas and tutorials for modern parents. I love it and I think you might too! Click the link below to check it out!

    Modern Parents Messy Kids

  • So Helpful- A Bowl Full of Lemons

    Another of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! A Bowl Full of Lemons is all about home and life organization. Something I think most Mamas are constantly struggling to stay on top of. There are so many BRILLIANT ideas and tips here. Check it out via the link below!

    A Bowl Full of Lemons

  • So Inspiring- Chic Cheap Nursery

    I recently discovered Nicole on Pinterest and I think her boards are just so inspiring! So many great ideas for kids rooms and nursery’s that don’t break the bank! Click the link below to check it out!

    Chic Cheap Nursery

  • So Educational- Sensory Play Activities for Kids

    This board, curated by a teacher-turned-stay-at-home-mom is full to the brim with great ideas for sensory play projects you can do with your little ones. Click the link below to check it out!

    Sensory Play Activities For Kids

  • So Fun- Oh Happy Day

    Jordan, of Oh Happy Day has so many great boards to choose from it’s best to just follow them all! You’ll find tons of great party planning ideas and tricks as well as loads of inspiration for living a fun and lovely life! Click the link below to check it out!

    Oh Happy Day

  • So Fashionable- Tres Chic Mama

    Paula, of Tres Chic Mama, is a fantastic pinner to follow for all kinds of style inspiration for mamas. I especially love her boards dedicated to maternity style! Check her out via the link below.

    Tres Chic Mama

  • So Fun- All Things Play

    Jamie curates a board called “All Things Play” that you should definitely be following if you are constantly on the lookout for great toddler and kid-friendly activities that are not just fun but also educational! Click the link to check it out.

    All Thing Play

  • So Delicious- Spoonful

    Looking for recipe, craft, or fun DIY ideas? Then Spoonful is a great account to follow. So many great and simple recipes that work for the whole family as well as links to cool crafts and other fun stuff with a Disney theme. Click the link below to check it out!


  • So Fun- Disney Baby

    Did you know you can follow your favorite blog (duh, us here at Disney Baby!) on Pinterest?! Well you can. The DB pinterest page has so many gorgeous photos and links to all kinds of fun Disney goodies. Click the link below to check it out!

    Disney Baby

  • So Inspiring- Andrea Zimmerman

    Our beloved manager of blogs and social media, Andrea, curates a massive collection of all things interesting and inspiring. She pins favorite blog posts from here and Babble so you’re sure to find an unending stream of inspiration! Check it out via the link below.

    Andrea Zimmerman

  • So Inspiring- Oh Joy!

    Joy Cho curates some of the prettiest Pinterest boards you’ll ever see. The theme of her boards is all about a happy and colorful life and her little girl is adorable. Check out her board called “Oh Baby” for all kind of inspiration! Click the link below to check it out!

    Oh Joy!

  • So Inspiring- Young House Love Pics

    If you love DIY’s and interior design you’ll adore this board by the adorable Sherry, of Young House Love. It’s an archive of tutorials and projects that will leave you feeling so empowered and inspired! Check it out via the link below.

    Young House Love Pics

  • So Inspiring- Joanna Goddard

    Joanna writes the popular blog, A Cup of Jo, and curates an amazing set of Pinterest boards full of style, life, food, and fashion. I especially love her board called “Baby”. Check it out via the link below.

    Joanna Goddard

  • So Inspiring- Darling Clementine

    I recently fell in love with Darling Clementine, a mama from Brooklyn with style for days. All her boards are full of goodness but I especially like “Little Style” and “Play Toys”. Check it out via the link below.

    Darling Clementine


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