15 Fun Fall Activities for Little Ones

It is a well known fact amongst my friends and family that fall is my favorite season. The weather is perfect — still fairly sunny, but cool and crisp — and the fun activities abound. And loving fall before I had a child pales in comparison to the fun I can have now when my favorite season rolls around.

Here are 15 ways we love to celebrate fall!

  • 15 Fun Fall Activities For Little Ones

    15 Fun Fall Activities For Little Ones

    Looking for some inspiration for fun fall activities to do with your little? Well, here are 15 to get you started. Click through to see them all!

  • 1. Go on a hike

    1. Go on a hike

    Fall weather is perfect for hiking – not too hot and not too cold. Take your little one with you in a carrier, stroller, or by the power of their own two feet and head out on a little hiking adventure!

  • 2. Go to the pumpkin patch

    2. Go to the pumpkin patch

    The pumpkin patch is kind of my favorite tradition ever. For years before we even had a child, I made my husband go with me, but it’s definitely more fun now with a little one.

  • 3. Go on a hay ride

    3. Go on a hay ride

    While you’re at the pumpkin patch, make sure you sneak in a hay ride! Your little one will love it!

  • 4. Scoop those pumpkins!

    4. Scoop those pumpkins!

    Little ones may not be old enough to actually help in the carving process, but toddlers can definitely help scoop out the pumpkin innards. Most toddlers love gooey, gross things, so this will be a much loved activity.

  • 5. Collect and paint acorns

    5. Collect and paint acorns

    Toddlers love collecting tiny treasures, so encourage your child to collect acorns on a walk and then bring them home to paint. Your little one will get good practice for those fine motor skills and will have a lot of fun in the process.

  • 6. Press leaves

    6. Press leaves

    Collect the beautifully colored fall leaves with your child and bring them home to press. Show your child later and talk about the colors you see.

  • 7. Go to the farmers market

    7. Go to the farmers market

    Everyone loves the farmers market in the spring, but don’t forget to take your child there in the fall! The autumn bounty is too good to miss and your little one will love the sampling and getting to help choose where their food comes from.

  • 8. Drink homemade apple cider

    8. Drink homemade apple cider

    After you pick those apples make some apple cider. Making it at home will allow you to add less sugar and make it a yummy treat for your little. A perfect little fall treat.

  • 9. Do some planting for spring

    9. Do some planting for spring

    If you’ve got a green thumb, take your child outside and let them help you dig in the dirt so you can plant some bulbs for spring together.

  • 10. Bake cookies

    10. Bake cookies

    Once your child reaches the toddler stage, they can start to help a little bit in the kitchen. Let your little one whisk together your ingredients, or if they have fairly good coordination, you could even let them help with scooping and pouring!

  • 11. Apple picking

    11. Apple picking

    Take your little one to help pick apples! Even if they only carry around the fallen apples, they’ll still have fun! And they’ll be even happier once it comes time to eat those apples – apple slices, apple sauce, apple cider – YUM!

  • 12. Make a bird feeder and watch for birds

    12. Make a bird feeder and watch for birds

    My daughter has taken a liking to watching the birds in our backyard, so I’ve decided to let her help me make a peanut butter pine cone bird feeder so we can sit and watch the “birdies” together.

  • 13. Making/jumping in a pile of leaves

    13. Making/jumping in a pile of leaves

    Making piles of pretty fall leaves and jumping in them is pretty much an autumnal rite of passage.

  • 14. Trick or Treating

    14. Trick or Treating

    Last year, trick or treating didn’t happen, but I can’t wait to take my toddler this year! I think half the fun will be in her seeing the other kids all dressed up.

  • 15. Make handprint turkeys

    15. Make handprint turkeys

    I realize that Thanksgiving isn’t until November (the end of fall), but handprint turkeys are one of my favorite fall activities. This is the handprint turkey my daughter and I made last year. I’m excited to let her help out more with the decorating this year!

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