15 Favorite Instagram Photos from My Baby’s First Year

The end of last month brought with it a day during which I was happy and sad, all at the same time. My littlest love, the tiny little person who changed our lives, for the better of course, turned one. It is funny how you don’t realize your life is missing something until that something arrives, and then you find yourself wondering how you ever existed without it. That’s what Lola did for our family. We never really dreamt of her until we found out she was coming and at that moment she became the very essence of our dreams. And when she arrived, we found that she was even more miraculous than we had even (or could have) dreamed.


We celebrated her birthday by having a party with family and friends, but on her actual birthday we had dinner and mini cupcakes at a restaurant in the mall, just the four of us. Prior to that day, and all through it, I found myself holding her every moment I could. My head often flooded with images of what was, the happenings of the past 12 months, as well as images that I dreamt up of what will be. Later this month Lola will turn 13 months, but before she does, I wanted to take another trip down memory lane. While initially Instagram was a fun way for me to share photos, it has turned out to be a way of capturing moments and memories as well. In a way, my Instagram feed tells its own narrative of our journey as a family; a journey that reached a new level of magic 12 months ago when our littlest love made her debut. Take a look at a few photos from our first year with Lola:

  • Favorite Photos from the 1st Year

    Favorite Photos from the 1st Year

    Take a look at a few of my favorite Instagram photos from my baby’s first year.

  • One day old

    One day old

    Here is Lola when she was just one day old!

  • Sleeping


    I will never forget what it feels like to have a tiny sleeping baby on your chest. One of life’s sweetest joys.

  • So small

    So small

    It is amazing how they will fall asleep just about anywhere at that age.

  • Lola Bee

    Lola Bee

    I spy a honeybee.

  • Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving Day

    Celebrating our first Thanksgiving and did we ever have so much to be thankful for.

  • Christmas


    Lola’s first Christmas!

  • All smiles

    All smiles

    Those eyes!

  • Puppy love

    Puppy love

    These two lovebirds celebrating Valentine’s Day.

  • Naptime cuddles

    Naptime cuddles

    I have taken so many sleeping pictures, and each of them melt my heart. She always looks so peaceful and angelic.

  • Easter


    My snuggle bunny.

  • A Disney adventure

    A Disney adventure

    Lola’s first trip to Disneyland.

  • Swinging


    This little lady loves swings.

  • Playing dress up

    Playing dress up

    She’s got quite the sense of humor, this one. Just like her big sister, she loves to make us laugh and smile.

  • Cheese!


    Her smile — pure magic!

  • One

    Although my sweet Lola becomes less like a baby with each passing day, she will forever and always be my baby.

    See more photos of Lola on my Instagram

You can see more photos of Lola on my Instagram @hismrshermr. Still can’t believe she’s one!

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