15 Famous Blonde Inspired Baby Names

It’s National Blonde Brownie Day (yes, that exists!), so of course, we’re rounding up our very favorite blondes to mark the occasion. Whether you’re craving a sweet or sassy baby name, get inspired by 15 of history’s famous blondes throughout the year…

  • Famous Blonde Baby Names

    Famous Blonde Baby Names

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  • Aurora


    A beautiful name for a newborn babe, Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora is a fitting choice for future sleep-deprived parents.

  • Betty


    Although Betty Grable toted some serious blonde hair, she was actually known for her – quite literally – million dollar legs (insured, no less!). If you’re expecting a leggy babe, consider a name that fits the bill: Betty.

  • Brigitte


    A French model, actress and singer, Brigitte Bardot did it all – with a full head of blonde hair. A unique baby name spelling for a unique baby beauty!

  • Carole


    Funny gal Carole Lombard is an excellent namesake, particularly modernized with a quirky spelling.

  • Diana


    England’s equivalent of Hollywood’s blonde bombshell, Diana Dors is a proud namesake for parents with a dream of living across the pond.

  • Dolly


    Although not a true blonde, Dolly Parton plays the role well, and would make for a sweet-natured baby name.

  • Doris


    An American actress, singer and animal rights activist, Doris Day would make for a worthy namesake indeed.

  • Elsa


    The Snow Queen in Frozen, Elsa is a bold blonde with a powerful, albeit chilly name.

  • Farrah


    Named for Farrah Fawcett, Farrah is an angelic pick (Charlie’s, of course!).

  • Grace


    How could we forget Grace Kelly? Grace is a popular choice that spans multiple generations.

  • Jayne


    Named for an original Hollywood Blonde Bombshell Jayne Mansfield, Jayne’s spelling is a modern alternative to a sweet, classic name.

  • Judy


    Broadway star Judy Holliday is a fan favorite with a golden mane; a natural selection for a classic baby girl.

  • Madonna


    Madonna’s had many hair colors, but her blonde years top the list of favorites. Because it’s a daring name selection, Madonna’s middle name was Louise – a nice plan B!

  • Marilyn


    High on the list (of course) is Marilyn Monroe, arguably the most famous blonde of our time. A perfect choice for a classic beauty!

  • Twiggy


    A 60’s icon noted for her blonde pixie cut, Twiggy would make a quirky name choice for a fun-loving family.

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