15 Baby Names You Didn’t Know Were Inspired By Nature

I have a bit of a thing for nature-inspired baby names, and my running list of baby name favorites is filled to the brim with them. My daughter’s name is Fern, so while we’ve been hunting for baby names, I loved the idea of coming up with another nature name to pair with hers. The problem? Everything I came up with sounded oddly like an Etsy shop. Case in point: One of my girl’s name favorites, Flora. “Fern & Flora?” Definitely Etsy-esque.

In our search for a name for baby boy, we’ve finally come upon one that we love. While my husband isn’t ready to let me share it just yet, we’re 95% settled, and I can let you in on a hint: The name we chose has a nature meaning. I love that it’s not a typical “nature name,” but it’s kinda fun that it still fits into the nature theme in a secret way. It got me inspired to search for more baby names that have secret nature meanings. There are some really great ones that I definitely added to my list of favorites as back up!

  • Raleigh


    I adore this name and was surprised to learn that it has a nature meaning since I had always just thought of it as being a place. Raleigh means: “meadow of the roe deer”. A great gender neutral baby name.

  • Bronte


    I included this gender neutral baby name in a list of baby names inspired by writers awhile back. Little did I know the name also means “thunder”.

  • Hadley


    Hadley is a cute baby name and means “heather field”. This name is technically gender neutral, but I’m partial to it as a girl’s name.

  • Knox


    Knox is a name of Scottish origin and means “round hill”. I think it’s a great alternative to those who like short, strong names for boys.

  • Elodie


    This name happens to be one of my all-time favorite baby names. It’s just unique enough to keep it interesting, but stays out of the “trying to hard” territory. It’s meaning is “marsh flower”.

  • Samson


    Samson is a great name with the option of calling your little boy “Sam” for short and it means “sun”.

  • Margeurite


    I really wanted to use this as my daughter’s middle name, but my husband couldn’t be convinced. Margeurite is the French word for daisy.

  • Adair


    I think Adair is a lovely name and a great gender neutral option. When doing my research I found that when Adair means “shallow place in a river near oaks”.

  • Holden


    If my daughter had been a boy this would’ve been her name. While it isn’t the name we’ve become settled on for our little boy, I’m still really fond of it. Aside from being the lead character in the book “Catcher in the Rye”, it means “hollow valley”.

  • Ella


    Ella is a sweet name for a little girl and is Hebrew for “oak tree”.

  • Maxwell


    Maxwell is a great name for a little one and is cute when shortened to Max. It’s typically thought of as a boy’s name, but as singer Jessica Simpson proved with her daughter, it can work for a little girl too! Also, it has a hidden nature meaning: “great stream”.

  • Silas


    I really like Silas. It’s cute, not very common and it means, “wood, forest”.

  • Beck


    Beck means “one living beside a small stream” and I think it’s a pretty fantastic name. I like it best as a boy’s name, but it’s currently making a surge as a pick for little girls as well!

  • Brynn


    Brynn is a name of Welsh decent, meaning “hill”.

  • Hollis


    I love the uniqueness of the name Hollis, which means “holly tree”. It’s definitely off the beaten path, but a name that’s still simple to spell and pronounce.

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