27 Awesome Baby Names That Can’t Be Shortened

Choosing a baby name is an important task for a parent. It’s something that will be with your child for his or her entire lifetime. Many of us chose names long before our children were born. Sometimes they are family names, while others are names that we’ve heard while growing up and have fallen in love with.

We give our little ones these names with such pride. Yet, inevitably, as your child gets older, you may find that the neighbor next door, a teacher (or even you) will shorten that beloved name and start calling your child by a nickname.

If that’s a big fear for you, don’t fret! There are plenty of gorgeous names out there that don’t have nicknames at all. Here are some great ones.


Craig — A classic name that will never go out of style. This Scottish name means “from the rocks.”

Cole — While some might this of this as a nickname for Nicholas, we think this name stands strong on its own.

Josh — While Josh might be another name seen as a nickname for a longer name, this Hebrew name is one that we think makes a great one all by itself.

Max — A name that is short and sweet, yet has a timeless sound to it.
Austin: This name means “great one” and we think it’s a great name choice for a little boy.

Liam — We’re hearing this name more and more. Perhaps it’s because of the rise of celebrities with the name. Either way, we love this name that means “resolute protector.”

Declan — A rather unique name that mean “full of goodness.”

Porter — A name that keeps rising on the charts. While you might not hear this name often yet, it’s becoming more and more popular.

Mark — We hear this name often and it’s one that will never lose its popularity. We love the classic and masculine sound of this name.

Graham — A Scottish name that means “from the gray home.” This name has a long history in both Scotland and England.


Simon — This name has a proper sound to it. It’s a Hebrew name that means “listening.” Isn’t that something that we all want our children to do?

Finn — A charming name that means “fair.”

Ian — A popular Scottish name that means “God is gracious.” It’s a name that has been in the top 100 since 1982.

Harry — Between the popular books, the celebrities, this name is rising on the charts and has a proper ring to it.


Grace — This is my daughter’s middle name and I love the sophistication of it.

Lauren — This is my name and I can tell you that I’ve never had anyone shorten my name to anything. While it was popular back when I was born, it’s not heard as much now.

Amy — This French name means “dearly loved.” It’s such a special name for your little girl who is already so dearly loved.

Paula — This Latin name has a strong and confident sound to it.

Lisa — While we don’t hear this name as often as we did in the ’70s, it’s still a great name choice for your little girl.

Chloe — A name that is very popular at the moment. It’s chic, it’s simple, and it has great flair to it.

Brooke — For those of you that love water, this is a great name choice for your little girl.

Mila — I love the simplicity and uniqueness of this name. It’s very sweet and feminine.

Blair — A unisex name that is very beautiful for a little girl. It means “child of the fields.”

Ali — Usually Ali is a nickname for names like Alison or Alexandra, but it is gorgeous all by itself.

Reese — A Welsh name that means “passionate.” It’s not heard often, but I love the femininity of it.

Quinn — You’re making a wise choice with this Celtic name that means “wisdom.”

Remy — We’re hearing this name more often now and we love how quirky and sweet it is.

Hope — A soft and feminine name that is sweet and simple.

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