13 Vintage Disney Baby Names You’ll Adore

As a parent, I work hard to provide balance for my kids. Nature hikes paired with milkshakes; beach days paired with multiplication flashcards. I also want their appreciation for Disney movies to be balanced. For every new movie they view, we add one from the Disney vault.

As we rewatch some of the classic Disney films (the old-school, live-action ones are my favorite), I’m finding amazing character names that would be great choices for a baby. I chose some less than common names for my own children, and I’d use any of these vintage-inspired names were we to have any more.


1. Tennessee – Fans of The Love Bug might remember the lead character’s best friend, Tennessee Steinmetz. Reese Witherspoon choosing this name for her youngest son adds in some pop culture credibility.

2. Amos – Strike it rich like the Apple Dumpling Gang with the name “Amos.” Although Amos starts out as a gold thief, he finds himself on the right side of the law for the film’s sequel.

3. Elliot – You’ll have a lifetime of Brazzle Dazzle days if you choose Elliot for your baby’s name. It’s the same name as the invisible dragon that befriends a young boy in Pete’s Dragon.

4. Basil – I’m particularly fond of this one, as it’s also my dad’s name. Basil is in The Great Mouse Detective, a story featuring a mouse similar to the Sherlock Holmes.

5. Davy – Nicknames as given names are pretty popular right now. Pay homage to the king of the wild frontier, Davy Crockett, with name fitting any buckaroo.


6. Arliss – While we’re on the topic of the frontier, let’s talk about Old Yeller. Arliss is the rambunctious younger brother. I’ve never met an Arliss, but I love the nod to a free spirit.

7. Charley – I’m a little biased, since I have a nephew who’s Charley with an -ey. Nab this name that stays strong from one generation to the next, and then stream The Barefoot Executive about a chimp that picks the hits.


1. Magnolia – Magnolia was on my list for my first daughter. This ode to The Apple Dumpling Gang could also be shortened to Maggie, like the mom in The Parent Trap.

2. Annabel – Annabel and her mother don’t always see eye to eye in Freaky Friday, but I think you’ll agree that Annabel is a darling name for your little girl!

3. Pollyanna – Pollyanna is a name that brings gladness to everyone she meets. Pollyanna is a sweet story of a young girl who brings light to her town, both through her decoration with prisms and her sparkling personality.

4. Penny – Not a live-action movie, but it’s a name I adore so much that it had to make the list. Penny from The Rescuers is small, but mighty. It’s a darling name for a little girl who is going to grow up to do big things.

5. Daisy – Florally inspired and patient enough to deal with Donald Duck’s tantrums, choose Daisy for a Disney name that’s never going out of style.

6. Amelia – We call her Millie, but I adore the Amelia in my life. Amelia goes back to The Aristocats in the Disney world as one of the geese, joined by her twin sister Abigail. Captain Amelia is also a character in Treasure Planet.

Screen your favorite Disney movies & share your favorite vintage-inspired names!

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