14 Fun Little Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

Babies have a way of stealing our hearts. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s a fun time to celebrate that love. With photo ideas, crafts, and some activities to do together, I’ve compiled 14 ideas for Baby’s first Valentine’s Day.

1. Make a Heart-Shaped Footprint
Using non-toxic paint, dip Baby’s feet in white paint. Press Baby’s feet on a piece of red construction paper in a V shape for a sweet keepsake.


2. Family Handprints
Get everyone in on the fun! Starting with the family member with the largest hand, make a red handprint. After it dries, add the next family member’s print in a slightly lighter color. Keep layering, allowing each print to dry before adding the next.

3. Read a Love Story
The tales of the Disney princesses are full of true love, and make for sweet snuggle time with your little one.

4. Sweet Snacks
For a naturally sweet treat, use a mini heart-shaped cookie cutter to create fruit pieces you’ll love. For older children, string the pieces onto a lollipop stick to make a Valentine’s Day fruit kabob.

5. Make a DIY Tee
Use iron-on letters to make a darling outfit for Baby’s first Valentine’s. If you want to wear coordinating shirts, try shirts with “I’m Her Mickey” or “I’m His Minnie.”

6. Kissing Booth
Looking for an easy photo idea? Grab some red lipstick, a sign saying “Kisses 25 cents,” and an adorable baby. A lipstick kiss on Baby’s cheek is all you’ll need to have oohs and ahhs over your photos.

7. Pick a Bouquet
Skip the florist, and spend Valentine’s Day picking flowers with your little one. You’ll love the time that you spend together stopping to smell the roses.

8. Make It a Disney Day
Speaking of bouquets, I could go for a bouquet of churros and a spin on the King Arthur Carrousel. Spend some time making memories with Baby at the Happiest Place on Earth.

valentine's day

9. L-O-V-E Blocks
Turn playtime into a photo shoot by grabbing wood blocks to spell out “LOVE.” Stack them, line them up, or chew on them. Any way you arrange them, it’ll be clear you’re in love.

10. Make Felt Conversation Hearts
Sorry, Baby, but Mom’s eating all the Valentine’s Day candy. Swap out the sweet stuff for a DIY craft–sew together two felt hearts with a little stuffing inside. A fabric marker can write out your favorite message, like “U R Cute!”

11. Candy Props
If you’ve got a newborn, use Valentine’s Day candy for a photo shoot. Fill a basket with soft blanket, position baby within the basket, and cover visible blanket with candy. Memories are better than candy calories any day!

12. Learn the Signs
Teach Baby the words for Valentine’s Day signs like love (arms crossed against chest) or kiss (fingers together touching lips and then cheek).

13. Paint Hearts
Older babies will love getting messy with non-toxic finger paint. Cut out little hearts to decorate and then use to decorate. You can even clip multiple hearts to ribbon or twine for a fun homemade banner.

14. Look for Love Bugs
My littles were all fascinated by bugs. Take your little one out on a stroll and be on the lookout for bugs. As you discover ants, butterflies, or other crawlers, tell Baby you’ve found Love Bugs.

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