14 Baby Names Inspired by Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because I love love. Valentine’s Day presents us with a chance to celebrate love in an extra special way whether it is by writing a love letter, passing out valentines or preparing a special treat. There are countless ways to show love. Not to mention, the sweetness that comes from a day filled with lovely gestures often trickles into the days after.

Valentine’s Day also presents us with a chance to garner a bit of baby name inspiration. In celebration of February 14th here are 14 baby name ideas for your own little cherub you might just fall in love with.

1. Love – A virtue name, love is a name that seems fitting for the tiniest love of your life. It also makes a lovely middle name.


2. Candy – Often used as a nickname for Candice, Candy is a sweet name for a baby.

3. Rose – Rose is a popular middle name. Roses are beautiful fragrant flowers often gifted on Valentine’s Day.

4. Ruby – Red is one of the two colors associated with Valentine’s Day and while some prefer sweet gestures and/or simple gifts others like extravagant gifts such as jewels. Rubies aren’t an uncommon gift for a jewelry lover on this day.

5. Valentina – Valentina (or Valentino) is a variation of Valentine.

6. Teddy – Teddy is often the nickname for Theodore. Teddy bears are often the stuffed animal of choice when it comes to gift giving.

7. Mila – In Russian Mila means “people’s love.”

8. Neha – In Hindi Neha means affection.

9. Thaddeus – The name Thaddeus means heart in Aramaic.

10. Aphrodite – The Greek goddess of love and beauty.

11. Paris – A city synonymous with romance.

12. Philomena – This name means “greatly loved.”

13. Amias – Amias is Latin for love or loved.

14. Arrow – A tribute to the tactic Cupid uses to help two people fall in love.

Do you have a favorite baby name inspired by Valentine’s Day? My good friend has nicknamed her baby-to-be “Arrow!”

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