13 Utterly Delightful Baby Names Inspired by Disney Villains

While everyone loves a good hero or heroine in their Disney movies, it’s hard not to have a soft spot for some of the Disney villains too. For those who are lovers of Disney villains, this baby name inspiration list is just for you!

1. Mal

This isn’t a proper Disney villain name, but rather a diminutive of well-known Disney villain Maleficent. While Maleficent in its full form may be a bit too much name for a kid to handle, Mal is short and sweet. I have a friend named Mal and it suits her perfectly. Mal is also perfectly on-trend, being a nickname used as a full name.

2. Ella

For lovers of 101 Dalmatians, this name is a spin on the name of epic villainess Ms. Cruella De Vil. A perfectly subtle nod for a Disney villains lover.

3. James

The first name of the infamous Peter Pan villain Captain James Hook. A classic boy’s name, but also a really cute and less expected option when used as a girl’s name.

4. Gaston

We all remember Gaston — the egotistical antagonist from Beauty and the Beast. Perhaps naming a little one after him could bring some redemption to the moniker.

5. Pete

Pete is the longtime antagonist to Mickey Mouse & Friends — but despite his perceived villainy, there are times when his good nature still shines through. My kids love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I appreciate how Mickey and his friends sort of took Pete under their wing and included him as their friend. Though he still blunders from time to time, I really appreciate the duality of his character.

6. Tremaine


This name sounds particularly regal and perhaps would make a unique alternative to those considering the name Jermaine. It is the last name of Cinderella’s wicked stepmother and stepsisters Drizella and Anastasia.

7. Si

The mischievous Siamese cat twins from Lady and the Tramp were named Si and Am, and I rather like the name Si for a little one. Perhaps changing the spelling to Cy would make more sense though.

8. Mim

Who could forget the eccentric “Mad Madame Mim” from The Sword in the Stone? She certainly marched to the beat of her own drum, complete with a unique name that just might be worth borrowing for a baby girl.

9. Gideon

Gideon is the name of the cat in the villanous duo: Honest John and Gideon. They are a tricky pair who try to deceive Pinocchio, but are ultimately thwarted. I think it’s a cute option for a little boy.

10. Percival

I just love the name Percival (Percy for short!) for a little one. It is a nod to antagonist Percival C. McLeach from the movie The Rescuers Down Under.

11. Clayton

Clayton — hunter, guide and main antagonist in the movie Tarzan — was more of a sneaky villain. He seemed every bit the chivalrous gentleman initially, but in the end his true nature is revealed. Clayton or Clay for short could be a nice option for a little boy.

12. Lawrence

A hesitant villain, but villain nonetheless from the movie The Princess and the Frog. Perhaps it’s the right fit for your little guy.

13. Hans

Oh Hans. You started off on such a great foot, wooing Princess Anna in Frozen, but alas you were really only in it so you could take over the kingdom of Arendale. Nonetheless, the name Hans is kind of adorable for a little boy.

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