13 Things My 13-Month-Old Loves

It is always fun to take note of the things that my baby loves at this stage in her life. While some of the things have been favorites for quite some time, as she grows older and tries and experiences new things, her likes and interests change a little. Here are 13 of the many things Lola loves right now:


1. Signing “more” and “all done” – She almost always giggles a bit when she does this!

2. Snack time

3. High fives

4. Mimicking Mommy, Daddy and her big sister

5. Giving kisses

6. Sharing her food with our dog

7. Pulling all of the baby wipes out of the container

8. Swinging – Whether it is swinging in Daddy’s arms or on a swing at the park she still loves swinging.

9. Reading stories

10. Drinking through a straw

11. Playing with the laundry while we fold it

12. Listening/dancing/clapping to music

13. Doc McStuffins – Lola’s big sister is a fan of the Doc, so we purchased the CD and listen to it in the car daily.

What are some things your little one loves?

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