13 Things My Baby Likes to Chew When Teething

FINALLY two teeth popped through for Little L.

It was about time! She’s been driving me mad with the late night waking, the excessive chewing and the whining. Obviously we have lots more to go but at least we have some progress, and she looks so so SO cute with her two bottom teeth.

We have traditional teethers for her, but what do you know — she doesn’t want them! She wants everything but those. So, in the interest of letting her get some relief I’ve compiled a few of her favorite homemade teethers — anything to let her get her CHEW on.

Either way, teething BITES!

(She is supervised at all times.)

  • Hair Brush

    Hair Brush

    This is one of her favorites — I guess the soft bristles massage the gums. I had to wash it to make it soft again!

  • Teething flip flop

    Teething flip flop

    Oh now these have been her go-to chew toy — her brother M’s flip flops. He didn’t wear them this summer because they are too big, but a certain someone got a hold of them when cleaning out the closet.

  • Going for the bib

    Going for the bib

    When she gets really desperate, she just grabs her plastic bib and just CHEWS…poor girl.



    M has an assortment of play food, but Little L only goes for one of them — the plastic donut complete with white frosting and sprinkles.

  • Rubber duckie

    Rubber duckie

    Bath time isn’t the same without a rubber duckie and this one provides Little L with the perfect teether!

  • A big 'ole piece of steak

    A big 'ole piece of steak

    You may have seen that we are doing baby-lead weaning (UK meaning) and that Little L works on pieces of hard fruit and foods. This piece of meat does double duty — she likes the taste and she can work her gums.

  • Chew and play

    Chew and play

    When she’s standing in the Pack n’ Play you will most likely find her quietly chewing on the border. The entire front side is wet!

  • The bottle

    The bottle

    After she’s done having her milk, she ends up gnawing on the nipple. Oddly enough, she doesn’t take a dummy.

  • Mami's bling

    Mami's bling

    Okay, so this necklace is made to be chewed on (they are Chewbeads) but really, she goes for ANYTHING that is around my neck.

  • Measuring spoons

    Measuring spoons

    Not just any spoon will do, it has to be a collection of plastic measuring spoons on a ring for her to munch on. We’ve given up on keeping them in the kitchen — M always gets them out to give to her.

  • Her hands

    Her hands

    When nothing else is within reach, she just sticks her entire hand in her mouth for a bit of relief.

  • Minnie Mouse crawling shoes

    Minnie Mouse crawling shoes

    She looks so darn cute wearing them, but she’s managed to pull them off and chew on them. I think the softer side of the velcro soothes her gums. YUM!

  • Fruity goodness

    Fruity goodness

    Again, she’s working on hard pieces of food and a cold piece of peach is perfect to give her gums some relief.


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