11 Ways I Cope When I’m Feeling Overwhelmed

Some days, parenting is just hard.

The baby is teething, or just will not take a nap. The bathrooms haven’t been cleaned in a month, or that to-do list is never getting any shorter.

Sometimes I just feel frazzled and I can feel my patience coming to an abrupt end. Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks for dealing with that jittery, desperate feeling.

  • Feeling Like This?

    Feeling Like This?

    Instead of breaking down, here’s a few tricks I try:

  • #1: Go to a friend's house

    Go to a friend's house

    When the day is dragging and I’m tearing my hair out at home, I invite myself over to someone’s house for a change of scenery, some adult conversation, and some other face to entertain my children.

  • #2: Visit the park

    Visit the park

    Some fresh air almost always calms me right down. Plus, it wears my girls out so they go to bed more easily!

  • #4: Snuggle on the couch

    Snuggle on the couch

    Sometimes, the best thing I can do is forget the to-do list and snuggle on the couch with my girls. It helps me remember what’s really important (if the bathrooms aren’t clean, well, they’ll still be there tomorrow).

  • #5: Put on some music and dance

    Put on some music and dance

    The music makes the house feel happy and moving around helps clear my head and cheer me up.

  • #6: Vacuum


    Vacuuming makes the house instantly look better and I find the white noise of the vacuum really calming (plus, it makes me feel like I’ve done at least ONE productive thing!)

  • #7: Take a walk

    Take a walk

    Looking at bugs and running around means my girls aren’t hanging off of me, and getting a little exercise soothes my nerves.

  • #8: Be silly

    Be silly

    Laughter really can be the best medicine. And my girls love it when I act a little goofy.

  • #9: An early bedtime

    Put the kids down early

    Sometimes, there’s no waiting until 7 p.m. If I just can’t deal, I put those girls down at 6:15 and we all have a better day after a good night’s sleep.

  • #10: Visit the library or bookstore

    Visit the library or bookstore

    I’m a huge book lover, so being surrounded by books helps to settle me down. And my girls love to go too.

  • #11: Call my mom

    Call my mom

    Even though she lives three time zones away, it’s so reassuring to hear a voice on the other end of the phone that loves me.

  • #12: Eat a cookie

    Eat a cookie

    Eating four or five cookies might make me feel worse, but one or two can definitely cheer me up.

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