12 Tips for Transitioning a Little Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

One of my favorite things in all the world is the transition from summer to fall. While I love summer and all the opportunities it brings, I love fall even more. I love the weather, I love fun fall activities, and I LOVE fall fashions.

Breaking out the autumnal wardrobe is one of life’s little pleasures for me, and this goes for my daughter’s wardrobe too. I adore all the cute layering options and fall colors, but I’m not always quite ready to retire my favorite summer pieces.

Because of this, I’ve come up with 12 tips to help you restyle your favorites from your little one’s closet for fall! Shorts, florals, brights, whites… I’ve got you and your little one covered! These tips are focused on little girls because I am a mom to a girl, but many of the concepts will work in a little boy’s wardrobe as well!

  • 12 Tips For Transitioning a Little Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

    12 Tips For Transitioning a Little Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

    Click through to see these tips that will help you get more wear out of your little one’s summer wardrobe by taking your favorite pieces into fall!

  • Skirt: Summer

    Skirt: Summer

    During the summer skirts are a staple in my little one’s wardrobe. They’re great paired with a cute top, bare legs, and cute little ballet flats.

  • Skirt: Fall

    Skirt: Fall

    Just because fall is here doesn’t mean those skirts need to be retired. Add a cute sweatshirt, some tights, and weather appropriate shoes and you’ve got an outfit that is perfect for fall.

  • White: Summer

    White: Summer

    Don’t put away that little white sundress just yet! Just because you can’t wear it alone doesn’t mean it has to go away!

  • White: Fall

    White: Fall

    In order to make white work for fall, it needs to be paired with other darker colors to tone it down, and adding in layers and textures helps as well. This little white sundress is totally autumn appropriate once you add tights, boots, and a cozy sweater.

  • Tank Tops: Summer

    Tank Tops: Summer

    Tank tops are pretty much a daily staple for my little one during the hot days of summer. Add shorts and some sandals and you’re good to go.

  • Tank Tops: Fall

    Tank Tops: Fall

    Come fall those tank tops are still great as one of the layers in your little one’s ensemble. Add a vest or a light jacket, a pair of jeans, and some runners and you’ve got an outfit that is perfectly suited for transitional fall weather.

  • Shorts: Summer

    Shorts: Summer

    Shorts are a summer staple. All summer long my daughter wore hers paired with tank tops and sandals. It doesn’t get any easier than that. But shorts can be great for fall too…

  • Shorts: Fall

    Shorts: Fall

    I think shorts can be just as cute in the fall (if not cuter!) by pairing them with tights and cozier top layers!

  • Brights: Summer

    Brights: Summer

    One of the best things about a summer wardrobe is the fun, bright pops of color. Take this coral color for example – it was a favorite in my daughter’s closet all summer. But, with fall coming, do brights work as well?

  • Brights: Fall

    Brights: Fall

    YES! Brights can still work in your little’s fall closet. Balance them with neutrals and layers and the juxtaposition will work nicely! With this coral dress I added a denim button up and a vest along with tennis shoes. If it was even chillier I might add knee socks or tights.

  • Florals: Summer

    Florals: Summer

    Florals are a favorite base of the little girl’s wardrobe during spring and summer as they are reminiscent of all the lovely blooms that abound. Paired with easy, breezy separates you’ve got a great outfit.

  • Florals: Fall

    Florals: Fall

    Florals can absolutely work once fall rolls around. Once again, simply add in your layers and some neutrals to give things a cohesive, season-appropriate feel. Simple is best, since florals can be busy.

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