12 Things I Do to Comfort My Baby When She Is Sick

Finally after what felt like the longest cold (ever!) we are all starting to feel like ourselves again. Right before Thanksgiving, a horrible cold made its way around our home. Months before, I had been reminded of just how hard it is to take care of a baby while sick. However, unlike my last bout with a cold, this time was much different. Lola was sick, but she was also much older, which meant she was sleeping even less, was more active, and even better at articulating her thoughts and feelings, which seemed to include frustration over the fact that she was so congested.

  • 12 Things I Do to Comfort My Baby When She is Sick

    12 Things I Do to Comfort My Baby When She is Sick

    Find out some of the things I do to comfort my baby when she is sick.

  • Cuddles


    Based on the fact that I got sick also it is fair to say that I am willing to risk getting sick in an effort to comfort my baby. Cuddles and kisses are one of the best remedies for a sick little one. And while they may not be good for my “to do” list they are always good for my heart.

  • Stay in our pajamas

    Stay in our pajamas

    I admit this one is also for me. When Lola is sick (or we both are), staying in our jammies makes the most sense for us. We are most comfortable and ready for those more frequent naps that seem to come with not feeling well.

  • Serve her favorite foods

    Serve her favorite foods

    Oftentimes when my little one is under the weather her appetite decreases. Knowing that, it is important for her to keep her strength up and be able to fight the cold so I do my best to find foods that she will eat. If I find something during the course of her cold that she likes I let her consume it as often as she wants. Which means oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner is ok with me if it’s ok with her.

  • Keep a lovie close at hand

    Keep a lovie close at hand

    Lola has a couple lovies including her doll Gracie and Doc McStuffins. Sometimes she falls asleep cuddling me and sometimes she falls asleep cuddling with her dolls. When she isn’t feeling well she seems to want them more than usual so I always make it a point to keep them close at hand. The same with blankies and her binky (pacifiers).

  • Remember laughter is the best medicine

    Remember laughter is the best medicine

    Lola may be a little more irritable when she is sick but she still manages to maintain her sense of humor. Making her giggle seems to lift her spirits quickly. Even during a cold, tickles and silly faces aren’t off limits.

  • Take her outside for some fresh air

    Take her outside for some fresh air

    Sometimes we end up spending a lot of time indoors because we (or I) feel too terrible to go anywhere. However, sometimes even just driving big sister to school presents us with the opportunity to feel the sunshine and breathe in fresh air.

  • Look at pictures

    Look at pictures

    Sometimes Lola and I will sit side by side and go through my camera roll or look at friends on Instagram (she loves looking at other babies). Seeing pictures of daddy and big sister always makes her smile. Looking at her own picture or even her reflection also does the trick.

  • A little bit of music and/or TV time

    A little bit of music and/or TV time

    Since Lola is only 15 months we really limit television time but when she isn’t feeling well sometimes we curl up in bed and watch her favorite television show – Doc McStuffins. She loves dancing and clapping to the songs. Other times we will listen to music on my iPhone or we will just make our own music!

  • Sleep


    I know how important it is for Lola to get her rest, especially when she isn’t feeling well. Oftentimes I will rock her to sleep or hold her in my arms longer so that she can comfortably rest.

  • Make phone calls to loved ones

    Make phone calls to loved ones

    Lola loves “talking” on the phone. Sometimes during the day we will call daddy or nana so she can talk to them. This always puts her in a happy mood (at least until I have to take the phone from her).

  • Story time

    Story time

    Lola loves reading books with me and big sister. Often times I will let her help me turn the pages and we will snuggle and read a story. It seems to distract her from the stuffy nose and I think it fosters her love for reading.

  • Doctor’s orders

    Doctor’s orders

    In addition to these I make it a point to do the things that our doctor has prescribed.

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