12 Sweet Quotes for Grandparents Day

I’d like to think that the greatest gifts my husband and I have ever given our parents are in the form of two precious beings who they lovingly call their grandchildren. I can’t help but wonder if becoming a grandparent allows our parents to relive the magic they felt when they first laid eyes on us. It’s no wonder their eyes light up each time they see a beloved grandchild.

In celebration of Grandparents Day, I wanted to share some quotes about grandparents. Most often it is the grandparents who think they are the lucky ones, but us parents are pretty lucky ourselves. We get to watch the eyes of our parents light up as they hold our babies and reminisce about the days when we were small. And we get to see the excitement that graces our children’s faces when we tell them we are going to visit their grandparents.


Oftentimes, our parents give us the gift of life. If we are fortunate, they help prepare us for adulthood and love us all the way up to it and each day after. And then one day, we give them a gift too — the gift of grandchildren and a chance to impart some magic into the next generation. Take a look at 12 sweet quotes just in time for Grandparents Day:

  • 12 Sweet Quotes for Grandparents Day

    12 Sweet Quotes for Grandparents Day

    Take a look at 12 sweet quotes about grandparents.

  • The footsteps

    The footsteps

    They are the footsteps into the future.

  • A blend of the good stuff

    A blend of the good stuff

    They are a combination of the good stuff — laughter, stories, kind gestures, stories and love.

  • History


    They shape the way we remember.

  • Simple


    Grandparents are quite similar to a simple toy.

  • Happily compensated

    Happily compensated

    Perhaps the best form of compensation (ever!).

  • What it takes to be a

    What it takes to be a "full human being"

    Together they, grandparents and grandchildren, are what it takes.

  • Lover of the dots

    Lover of the dots

    They connect generations.

  • A sign you're a grandparent

    A sign you're a grandparent

    Doesn’t it seem like little ones are always absolute angels for their grandparents? Don’t believe me? Just ask grandma.

  • Abundance


    They provide the essentials in abundance.

  • Inside vs. outside

    Inside vs. outside

    Old (but not that old!) on the outside and young on the inside.

  • Perfection


    With the arrival of their grandchildren comes a new kind of love.

  • A sprinkling of stardust

    A sprinkling of stardust

    Grandparents have the ability to do things no one else can do. Like babies — they’re magic!

Happy Grandparents Day to all the wonderful grandmas and grandpas who bring just as much magic to their grandchildren’s lives as their grandchildren bring to theirs! We appreciate you and today we celebrate you too!


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