My 12 Favorite Photos of Grayson at 16 Months

On February 1st, Grayson turned 16 months old! It’s so hard for me to believe he close to being a year and a half. I feel like I just had him yesterday! Time flies.

Grayson is all about smiling and laughing. He defines “bundle of joy” and is so happy all the time! He hardly ever cries unless his sisters are driving him crazy or he is tired. He loves to dance and eat and is growing so well. After being 5 weeks early, he is catching up now and weighs 22 lbs. Still a little guy for his age group, but he is a big guy to us. Every day he makes me laugh, and I feel so lucky to be his mom! See just what we’ve been up to this month!

  • Sound Asleep

    Sound Asleep

    He might be the cutest sleeping beauty I know. The male version, of course.

  • Sneaking Mommy's Starbucks

    Sneaking Mommy's Starbucks

    Busted! Someone was trying to get a quick sip of my coffee. Silly boy!

  • Tea Party at Mama's House

    Tea Party at Mama's House

    We are so lucky to have my grandmother in our life. Each week, we take a day to visit Grayson’s great-grandmother. Last week, she brought out her china for a special tea party.

  • Selfies with Mom

    Selfies with Mom

    We’ve all done this right? Grayson and I had so much taking pictures together first thing in the morning.

  • Momma's Boy

    Momma's Boy

    This smile says it all. I just love my little man so much!

  • All Smiles

    All Smiles

    I mean, could he be any more happy? He wakes up all smiles!

  • So Big

    So Big

    I can’t believe how big Grayson has gotten — 16 months has certainly flown by.

  • Mr. Stylish

    Mr. Stylish

    It’s so much fun dressing a boy!

  • Just One More

    Just One More

    I couldn’t help but share this one too. The hand in the pocket and all.

  • Nap Time

    Nap Time

    Grayson enjoys taking a nap in his Aunt Katie’s bed. Sweet dreams, sweet boy!

  • Smiling is My Favorite

    Smiling is My Favorite

    As they all say — happy, happy, happy!

  • My Favorite Picture, to Date.

    My Favorite Picture, to Date.

    This picture just sums up Grayson’s personality so well.

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