12 Friendly, Not Spooky, Ghost Finds for Your Little One

Next to pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, my favorite Halloween character has got to be a ghost. I love their simple, non-gruesome appearance, and how un-scary they actually are, thanks in part to the beloved Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon I devotedly watched as a kid. Because of this nice factor, they are the perfect adornment for baby clothes, blankets, bibs and clips. Keep your skeletons and ghoulish monsters for the teen years; for me and my baby, a cute ghost is all we need for Halloween! Read on for a roundup of 12 sweet ghost accessories and DIY items for your littlest one. I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re the perfect thing to add just the right amount of spookiness to this year’s Halloween.

  • Little Bitty Ghost

    Look no further than right here for the sweetest way to bundle up your newborn for his or hers first Halloween. This hand crocheted ghost hat is the perfect photo prop or to keep baby’s head warm as you’re out trick-or-treating with your older children. Swaddle baby up in a simple white blanket and you have all you need for a professional worthy photo opportunity.

    Crochet Hat via Monarch Dancer

  • Boo!

    This handmade hat is accented with crocheted and appliqued boo letters, and is set off with a cute little dangling spider. Totally customizable for newborn all the way up to adult, so you can get an assortment of matching ghost-friendly hats for your whole family!

    Handcraft Loribelle

  • DIY Baby Ghost Costume

    This DIY costume is super easy, but with quite impressive results. The tutorial shows you how to make the ethereal, whispy no-sew tutu as well as matching headband and appliqued bodysuit for a completely handmade costume from head to toe.

    DIY tutorial from Do It Yourself Divas

  • Cute Ghost DIY Headband

    This simple DIY tutorial shows you how to make this cute, Pac Man-esque type of ghost headband for your little girl. Simple, quick and affordable, it’s the perfect accessory for Halloween parties or the pumpkin patch.

    DIY Ghost Headband Tutorial from Will Work For Eskimo Kisses

  • DIY Curly Ghost Headband

    I love this clever take on the ghost, using curled ribbon to make a very voluminous ghost body. Full and detailed instructions will have you whipping up this friendly and cute ghost headband in no time.

    DIY Tutorial From 7 Alive All Livin' In A Double Wide

  • Handmade Friendly Ghost Clip

    If you’re not quite feeling the crafty vibe this Halloween season, no problem. This adorable and affordable handmade ghost clip can be shipped to you, and still has that special, unique handmade touch.

    Happy Ghost Bow

  • Friendly Ghost Blanket

    Need the perfect spooky stroller blanket for Halloween trick-or-treating? This handmade ghost blanket does the trick and is the perfect accessory to keep baby looking cute and spooky, as well as warm.

    Handmade Ghost Blanket from BBs for Babies

  • Boo Ghosts Halloween Artwork

    I love how simple and sweet this artwork is, and would be the perfect bit of decor to add to baby’s nursery for Halloween. Sweet but not scary.

    Ghosts Artwork by Rose Hill Design Studio

  • DIY Applique Ghost Bodysuit

    A simple white or black bodysuit or t-shirt makes the perfect canvas for a DIY ghost craft. This tutorial shows you how to use some felt or fabric to create a very quick and simple ghost costume, or just cute outfit, for lots of Halloween fun for baby.

    DIY Ghost Bodysuit from Project Nursery

  • DIY Ghost Footprint Bodysuit

    This footprint ghost bodysuit is so clever and cute, and is from one of our very own Disney Baby writers. This DIY gets both baby and mom involved to create a cute Halloween craft that is functional and makes for the perfect keepsake.

    DIY Ghost Footprint Bodysuit

  • DIY Friendly Ghost Bodysuit

    This is a craft I created last year for my little guy’s first Halloween. See, I told you I was a fan of the friendly ghost! Using freezer paper, an iron and some fabric paint, you can create this super cute and simple bodysuit or shirt for your baby too!

    DIY Friendly Ghost Bodysuit

  • Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

    To end this roundup of all things cute and ghostly, I couldn’t leave out a nod to a classic and awesome ghost movie; Ghostbusters! If you were a fan of the film than you will love and appreciate this adorable handmade costume from The Wishing Elephant. After all, what baby wouldn’t look adorable showing off baby leg rolls while dressing up as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

    Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume via The Wishing Elephant

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