12 Exciting Months of Travel Around the World For My Toddler

I think traveling is one of the most magical things a person can do. So many new places to explore and discover! It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about the world we live in. And what a wonderful world it is.

  • Year of the Traveling Toddler

    Year of the Traveling Toddler

    Check out all of the fun and exciting places we traveled to during 2013. Hope 2014 brings us just as many new stamps in our passports!

  • January


    New York.

    In January we left our older two daughters and brought Z along for our trip to New York. It was freezing! Sadly no pictures of Z actually in Times Square exist. She stayed bundled up warm in her stroller.

  • February


    From freezing temps to sultry tropics! We got the opportunity of a lifetime to visit my sister in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A beautiful modern destination with old world charm, friendly people, and amazing food!

    See more of our trip to Malaysia.

  • February



    We spent 3 weeks in Malaysia and were able to experience lots of wonderful things including Chinese New Year. There was a dragon nearly every where we went!

  • March


    Lake Tahoe, California.

    Hot and humid to cold and icy! Once we returned home, we made the 3-4 hour drive in search of some final winter fun. Z enjoyed the snow but didn’t appreciate her limited mobility!

  • March


    San Diego, California.

    My second daughter’s birthday wish, lead us to Southern California where the girls enjoyed checking out the fishies at an aquarium.

  • April

    Anaheim, California.

    Baby Z visits the happiest place on Earth for the first time! It was such an exciting time to witness her pure joy as we made wonderful memories that day.

    Baby Z's First Visit to Disneyland

  • May


    Home, California.

    In May we actually stayed home while my husband took his turn to travel to Palestine to visit his mother who was ill. We were thrilled to welcome him back home at the San Francisco airport.

  • June


    Detroit, Michigan.

    Z got to attend her first destination wedding! We were honored to be in attendance for my little cousin’s beautiful wedding. Zaynab rocked the wedding colors in her first flower girl dress.

  • July


    Niagara Falls, Canada.

    With the wedding the end of June, we drove into Canada the beginning of July to witness the gorgeous Niagara Falls. Z *loves* water, so this was truly exciting for her.

  • August


    Lake Tulloch, California

    After Ramadan, a huge group of relatives took a trip to a nearby lake to enjoy a weekend of relaxation and celebration for Eid. Z couldn’t get enough of the water play.

  • August


    Los Angeles, California.

    The family Eid trip continued in Southern California as Z made a splash around town exploring new sites.

  • September


    Jenin, Palestine.

    My husband’s hometown. This is where we called home for the majority of our 3 month stay abroad. Z got to meet all her cousins from her father’s side for the first time! There were a lot of new names to learn!

  • October


    Jerusalem, Palestine.

    While my husband’s family lives in the West Bank, my oldest sister lives closer to Jerusalem. I was so excited to take Zaynab to visit the Dome of the Rock for the first time!

  • November


    Granada, Spain.

    What was supposed to be a couples trip for me and my husband, turned into an even more special family vacation. While in Spain, we visited Madrid, Granada, Tarifa, Seville, and Cordoba, all by car!

  • November


    Rabat, Morocco.

    Did you know that Morocco is just a short ferry ride from Spain? My dream destination shared with my wonderful family. The experience of a lifetime! Z and I both got so many new stamps in our passport that we’ll treasure forever!

Though I may not have traveled very much before I had children, I definitely had a desire to see the world and travel to many far off destinations. Oddly enough, it wasn’t until I actually had my daughters that I began to travel more and more. This year was by far one of the best traveling years for me. The amazing part was that I got to share it all with my little Z! We traveled to new, gorgeous destinations experiencing it together for the first time!

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