12 Adorable Gender-Reveal Cakes

Today was the big day…ultrasound day!

I was so ridiculously excited to see our fourth baby today, I could barely sleep last night. It was a big deal in our family; we let our oldest daughter skip school to come with us and we made it a fun family outing with the promise of lunch afterwards for the kids. (Ok, and for me, I was hungry, ok?)

With three other young children at home, my #1 concern for the ultrasound was to know everything was ok with the baby. It’s been a crazy, unexpected whirlwind of a pregnancy and with all of my emotions and fears about becoming a mother of four swirling in my head, I’ve been fighting down waves of panic and guilt, just wondering, what if something is wrong?



I think every mother goes through that panic, and to some degree, it’s normal. There’s a lot of amazing, intricate development that goes in those first twenty weeks, which for me, always seem to fly by. I just wanted to see our baby on the screen and hear those reassuring words that everything was fine.

And luckily, everything did turn out fine. The baby measured perfectly, my due date is correct, and everything looked great. This mama can breathe a big sigh of relief and move on to the fun of…picking one of these adorable gender reveal cakes to find out what we’re having! (If you missed it, you can see why I planned to be surprised right alongside the rest of the family here.)


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