12 Adorable DIY Birthday Hats and Crowns

With my baby’s first birthday rapidly approaching this next week, my brain has been filled with all things birthday parties and I’ve been searching out inspiration across the interwebs to make her day extra special. Obviously a birthday hat or crown was a must and after all my searching, I decided on a DIY crown that will be simple and perfect for her party. But, even though I’ve already made my birthday headwear decision, doesn’t mean I can’t share my inspiration with you! Here are some of my favorite birthday hat and crown DIYs from my hunt for those of you who are still planning your own little one’s birthday celebration!

  • 12 Adorable DIY Birthday Hats and Crowns

    12 Adorable DIY Birthday Hats and Crowns

    Finding a cute little hat or crown for your baby to wear on their special day can be a bit tricky with such small noggins, but that’s why DIY options are perfect. Here are 12 of my favorite birthday hat and crown DIY projects – including the one I’ll be making for my own little on her first birthday this weekend!

  • DIY Lace and Sparkle Crown

    DIY Lace and Sparkle Crown

    These crowns would be perfect for a little lady’s birthday party!

    Tutorial by Stef from Girl Inspired

  • DIY Felt Crown

    DIY Felt Crown

    A classic, quintessential birthday crown. I love the fun pop of color from the coordinating felt on the inside.

    Tutorial by Jenny of the blog Hank + Hunt for Hello Bee

  • DIY Toilet Paper Tube Crown

    DIY Toilet Paper Tube Crown

    Who knew such materials as a modest toilet paper tube could be turned into such a cute party hat?

    Tutorial from Lilla A Design

  • DIY Party Hat Fascinator

    DIY Party Hat Fascinator

    This tutorial is totally simple and totally adorable and an unexpected take on the typical birthday hat for a little one.

    Tutorial by Kira from Her New Leaf

  • DIY Easy Peasy Pipe Cleaner Crown

    DIY Easy Peasy Pipe Cleaner Crown

    So, this isn’t technically a tutorial, but look how simple it is! I spotted this on Pinterest and followed the links to see that this was a simple DIY by Caroline Armelle Drake on her Instagram feed. I love the simplicity of it and this is what I’ll be making my own little one on her birthday.

    Photo by Caroline Armelle Drake from Instagram

  • DIY Party Hats

    DIY Party Hats

    While these hats were meant to be for an NYE celebration, I think they are great inspiration for baby birthday party hats – the little panda hat is so cute and could serve as a jumping off point for party inspiration.

    Tutorial by Julia for Free People

  • DIY Felt Number Crown

    DIY Felt Number Crown

    I have zero sewing skills, but this seems like a pretty simple tutorial if you have the skills and the inclination. I think this crown is totally adorable.

    Tutorial by Susan Phillips of the blog Living With Punks for Momtastic

  • DIY Sock Monkey Pom Pom Hat

    DIY Sock Monkey Pom Pom Hat

    A sock monkey theme would be so sweet for a baby’s birthday and this hat would match the decor impeccably.

    Tutorial by Diane of Crafty Pod Blog for Make Magazine

  • DIY Wire Crown

    DIY Wire Crown

    This modern looking crown is definitely my favorite of the bunch and I’ll definitely be making this for a birthday party in the future. I love how simple, yet unexpected it is!

    Tutorial by Jen from Ambrosia Creative

  • DIY Lace Crown

    DIY Lace Crown

    If you’re looking for a birthday crown that it a little more elegant and refined, this is it. I love that it’s in grey, which isn’t typical for children’s birthday hats and it’s just so sweet!

    Tutorial by Angie from Little Inspiration

  • DIY Animal Hats

    DIY Animal Hats

    Creative Party Blog has an awesome downloadable template for making these cute party hats and if you changed up the colors and made a few small tweaks you could make these into any animal to suit the theme of your party.

    Tutorial from Creative Party Blog

  • DIY Party Hats + Pipe Cleaners

    DIY Party Hats + Pipe Cleaners

    These were another NYE project, but I think they would make perfect little birthday party hats for little ones and their party guests.

    Tutorial by Caroline Urdaneta from Salsa Pie

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