11 Tips for Shopping for Baby While With Baby

Last weekend we thought it would be fun to take Lola to the Disney Baby Store so she could experience a small taste of Disney magic. If you are ever in the Glendale, California area I recommend going. The staff is very friendly and they have darling products for the littlest of Mouseketeers.

Now that she is bigger shopping trips involve a lot more than me peeking in the stroller to see if she is still snoozing. At 7 months not only is she most often wide-awake but she wants to play, babble with us, and be a part of the action. It has been at least 7 months since I’ve taken a “quick trip” to the store but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some of my favorite errands to run include shopping for my girls. Because shopping for baby while with baby tends to be a regular occurrence for us mamas I thought I’d share some tips that have made it a bit easier for me. If you also have some tips to share please do!

  • 11 Tips for Shopping for Baby While With Baby

    11 Tips for Shopping for Baby While With Baby

    Click through for 11 tips for shopping for your littlest love while with them.

  • Go when stores first open.

    Go when stores first open.

    It is much easier to find parking when stores first open. Not to mention stores are often quieter then. By shopping early if you are using a stroller you most likely won’t have to struggle navigating it through crowds.

  • Bring the baby carrier.

    Bring the baby carrier.

    It has happened a few times — we’ve been out shopping with Lola and suddenly she gets wiggly and squirmy, and I end up holding her with one arm while pushing the stroller with the other. Tucking the carrier in the stroller basket makes hands free holding possible if necessary.

  • Consider leaving the stroller behind.

    Consider leaving the stroller behind.

    Crowded or not, some stores and boutiques are harder to navigate with a stroller and some babies are a pro at grabbing whatever is within reach. For shorter shopping trips consider leaving the stroller behind. My husband actually prefers carrying Lola in a carrier for this reason.

  • Bring a variety toys.

    Bring a variety toys.

    Lola already has a few favorites. I tend to bring along one or two of her favorites, as well as toys that she doesn’t normally play with at home and rotate them throughout our trip.

  • Keep wipes handy.

    Keep wipes handy.

    I always put wipes in an easy to reach place in my diaper bag. That way I can quickly clean spit up, dirty hands or a fallen toy.

  • When it comes to shoes and socks...

    When it comes to shoes and socks...

    Be mindful of what socks and shoes baby wears, as it’s possible they will find a way to kick them off. Pick shoes that you know will stay on baby’s feet and that are easy for you to take on and off in the event you want them to try on shoes. Or you could just opt for no shoes and let those cute tootsies be free.

  • Wear clothes that make trying things on simple.

    Wear clothes that make trying things on simple.

    At this age picking out clothes is pretty easy if you know your baby’s weight but sometimes it’s fun to try things on! Have baby wear something that you can easily slip clothes over without having to do an entire outfit change.

  • Remember to engage baby.

    Remember to engage baby.

    It is easy to be focused on completing a task while shopping, especially if you’re short on time. But your little one still wants some attention. Talk to them about what you’re doing, ask them questions, and respond to their babbles and coos.

  • Feed baby first.

    Feed baby first.

    Depending on their schedule consider feeding baby right before you go or when you first get there. If you don’t plan on purchasing mall food or eating lunch while out consider bringing a small snack along for yourself, siblings, and if baby is starting to eat solids, them too. Find a bench, park your stroller, and take a few minutes to relax.

  • Be mindful of what you let your baby hold.

    Be mindful of what you let your baby hold.

    These days if I let Lola hold something she’s going to put it in her mouth. While in the store I let her hold and play with a Minnie doll but only because I knew it was clean and that I was going to purchase it.

  • Identify family lounges and restrooms first.

    Identify family lounges and restrooms first.

    A lot of shopping centers and even some stores offer lounges for families. If your baby is easily distracted by people during nursing sessions like mine, a family lounge offers a quieter place to nurse as well as an area for easy diaper changes.

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