11 Simple and Unique Paper Plate Birthday Party Backdrops

Out shopping for birthday party supplies? Stock up on paper plates to use as an incredibly simple and affordable birthday party backdrop. Paper plates that were once used to simply serve out the birthday cake and ice cream, are now being elevated to perfect party decor status. A multitude of colors, designs, and sizes are available to create an awesome party backdrop that will perfectly match your birthday party theme.

Paper plates are a great option because they’re affordable and won’t damage your walls. A little double stick tape will keep them in place. Once the party is over, re-purpose them for a craft project, hang a smaller backdrop version in the nursery above the changing table, or just recycle. Try a paper plate backdrop at your next party.

  • Paper Plate Party Backdrop

    Paper Plate Party Backdrop

    Make a big statement at your party without spending a lot of money. Click through for fun and inspiring ideas to recreate at Baby’s first birthday party.

  • Embellished Square Plates

    Create a huge wall of paper plates and make them the awesome pop of color you need for your dessert table. Add buntings, balloons, and pom poms for the ultimate party decor punch.

    Photo and tutorial via Spoonful

  • Plates and Banners

    Tie in your party’s colors with specific colored plates. Add a “happy birthday” banner and you’re ready to party.

    Photo via Catch My Party

  • Polka Dots

    I love how these circle plates look like giant polka dots on the walls. A simple way to decorate without breaking the back or poking holes in your walls.

    Photo via My Many Colored Days

  • Patterned Plates

    Use a variety of patterned and colors paper plates for a pretty and custom backdrop. Use the same patterned and colored plates to serve dessert.

    Photo via Prima.Fr

  • Paper Fishies

    There are plenty of paper plate fish in this backdrop sea. Create these fun fish prior to the party, or make it part of a craft and hang each fish as it’s completed.

    Photo and tutorial via Made

  • 3D Paper Plate Balls

    Go 3D with these easy to create paper plate balls. They’re a great geometric twist to the popular tissue paper balls. Gotta love the Mickey Mouse inspired colors used here!

    Photo and tutorial via Pioneer Party

  • Ombre Waves

    Planning an Under the Sea party for your little Ariel or Nemo lover? This ombre inspired wave wall will make a splash at the party.

    Photo and tutorial via Double the Fun Parties

  • Mickey Mouse

    Use small and large black circle plates to create Mickey Mouse, of course! So simple! Instantly add everyone’s favorite mouse to your party.

    Imagine an entire wall of Mickeys for the ultimate Mickey Mouse first birthday party.

    Photo via A to Zebra Celebrations

  • Lego Blocks

    Legos are all the rage for birthday parties these days. Paper plate backdrops are perfect to create giant Lego blocks on the walls. Simply combine small circle plates on top of larger square plates. Easy, easy!

    Photo via Flaired Affairs

  • Simple Circles

    I love how the circle plates mimic the circle design on the cake. Adding the plates on the wall are a great way to make the theme cohesive. Throw in some balloons for an extra festive touch to frame out the dessert table.

    Photo via Be Different Act Normal

  • Buttons

    This backdrop is as cute as a button! I love how something as simple as a paper plate can be elevated into a well thought out party decoration.

    The addition of small black circles create the look of giant buttons.

    Photo via Carosello

Would you or have you ever tried a paper plate party backdrop?

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